Déjà vu: Mesquite has water leak again

Déjà vu: Mesquite has water leak again

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Illustration by America Banuelos

Last week was supposed to be easygoing.

I was done with my schoolwork and my agenda for the night was supposed to involve relaxing and watching Purple Rain. Well, rain did fall in the building that night, but Prince had nothing to do with it.

Instead, it was a pipe bursting on the second floor of Mesquite Village West. One of my roommates had run in and told me about it. The broken pipe was on the other side of my floor, so I walked over there to see what was going on.

As I was told, water was pouring from the ceiling. It was as if someone pulled a fire alarm and sprinklers went off. Ironically enough, a fire alarm was pulled, and we all had to evacuate the building until the situation was settled.

The problem resulted in the displacement of students on the first and second floor where the pipe burst. Students in the affected areas had to unplug all electronics and stow them on a higher elevation to avoid water damage.

I was pretty fortunate. I didn’t have the water damage that other people had, and I was still allowed to stay in my room.

The water did shut off for the weekend, however. Instead of enjoying hot showers, I’ve had to bear cold showers.

Though it was uncomfortable to deal with, I understand it was necessary to make the right repairs.

Credit should be given where it’s due. When the housing department was notified, they relocated the students quickly and made sure they were taken care of as soon and as much as possible.

However, it would have been best to replace all the piping as soon as problems started occurring. The attempt for quick fixes only elongated the problem and led to a bigger mess with more leaks.

Mesquite has been plagued with piping problems since last semester, and when those problems popped up, that should have been the red flag to inspect the rest of the building.

Until then, I’ll make the best out of having cold water in cold weather.



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