Inconsistencies and Using Our Common Sense

Inconsistencies and Using Our Common Sense

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In last week’s issue, many of the stories did not take place in Kingsville. There was no huge fire that obliterated someone’s car and land. Nor is there a hat maker here in Kingsville.

Maybe there is, and that person’s just kind of underground. I should look into hat makers here.

Anyway, just so everyone’s clear: Our sports editor, Colton Williams, is not dead. I’m fairly certain Joseph meant he died from the exhaustion of driving from Kingsville to Fort Worth—also, he had a bit of a cough.

In any case, the previous issue from April 9 was solely based on our experiences at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association (TIPA) Conference. We had many of our writers and photographers place, and because we only had about 3 reporters in Kingsville, I made the call to recycle stories from TIPA. My mistake, however, was not properly explaining that the majority (aside from the University e-mail) of the stories were based on the competition.

In no way did I mean to confuse our readers. I simply wanted to show-off my staff and their abilities as writers and photographers.

Also, I would like to properly, and publicly, congratulate our adviser Don Fisher for winning the adviser of the year award at TIPA. Although he, my staff and myself often argue about stories and design, we did our best in nominating him secretly and making sure he received that award.

From here to the end of the semester, I promise that we at the South Texan will make our intentions more clear and continue to bring to you the news as best as possible.

Jonathan Adams
Former Editor-in-Chief


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