Staff Remembers Coworker

Staff Remembers Coworker

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Those who visited Cynthia Cavazos would have been greeted with a smile and an energetic aura. Only those that knew her close and worked with her would’ve been able to tell you she was fighting cancer. Cavazos, the former Human Resources (HR) specialist in Recruitment-Employment & Employee Recognition, died Sunday at approximately 4:30 p.m. Her husband, Joe, died the morning after at 4:30, also from cancer. Leon Bazar, HR Executive Director, said the entire HR staff has, for the past few days, gotten together to reminisce about Cavazos. “She loved her work. She loved the university. She loved her students and from October 2012, when she started facing this monster…she was a very strong person,” Bazar said. “That was what really came forth. She was not going to let this get her down. She came to work when she could, and when she was here, she worked 100 percent.” Despite having to exhaust herself through driving up to Houston for treatment on Fridays and then coming back down on Sundays, she was always full of life when she showed up for work, Bazar said. Cavazos was the key person in charge of the Javjobs system. She loaded postings online, managed the processes as to who was being interviewed and who was being offered a job and kept track of which positions were closed, Bazar said. Cavazos worked with HR for 17 years. This Friday, May 2, Cavazos was going to be honored for her work at the Awards and Retirees Ceremony. She was going to be one of the recipients of the 25-year award. “We have gone ahead and given that to the family so they can display it at the funeral,” Bazar said. Cavazos and her husband were both raised with a King Ranch tradition, Bazar said. “I have known Cynthia for seven years. I got to know her as an employee at the university, and things I will always remember about her or her big, bright smile, willingness to help anyone and everyone, and always being a resource for others,” said Dr. Terisa Riley, Senior Vice President for Fiscal and Student Affairs. “She and her husband were both very loyal Javelinas.” Joe was a King Ranch cowboy, a true worker, Bazar said. When he got weak towards the end, Cavazos would take care of him, despite her own ailing strength. Their children took care of both of them, when they could. Riley said she was able to visit with Cavazos in her final moments. “I stopped to get Cynthia a gift in hopes of cheering her up. I had just pulled up at the house where she was staying when I received a private message from her daughter which said that Cynthia was taking her final breaths,” she said. “I went into the house and had the absolute honor of being there with her family and friends as they surrounded her in her final moments.” Riley added it was a

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touching and meaningful thing to be allowed there by the family at that time. She said she would never forget the love and loyalty of the family. “One of our employees said earlier, ‘It’s not a question of her beating cancer. She did beat it,’” Bazar said.          


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