Student found dead in Bishop Hall

Student found dead in Bishop Hall

Nicole Hunter was a junior animal science major who was found dead in her room in Bishop Hall. Contributed Photo

Nicole Mariana Hunter, junior animal science major, was found dead on Sunday morning in her dorm room. She died of natural causes, according to preliminary indications by University Police Department (UPD) Chief Felipe Garza. Hunter was 21.

Patrol Officer Jeremiah Rodriguez was dispatched to the scene. An R.A. in Bishop Hall – her name cannot be released at this time – said she checked in on Hunter and found her in her room, lying on the floor, according to UPD.

“We got a call from the mother. She had not heard from her daughter so we did a check. We found her laying on the floor in her room,” Garza said. “She showed no vital signs at the time.”

Hunter was hospitalized earlier in the week. Though she was feeling well Friday afternoon, her mother was just calling to check up on her, and she initially thought Hunter’s phone was off, Garza said.

Garza said an ambulance was called. Because it was an unintended death, an inquest has to be done by Justice of the Peace Andy Gonzalez. He’s currently in the process of doing that now.

Hunter was a diabetic, according to her close friends.

Those who knew Hunter said she was a good friend, someone who would always be there for a person. Claudia Araceli Martinez, sophomore natural gas engineering major, said Hunter was her first friend in Kingsville.

“I remember the day I met her. I was in El Tapatio eating lunch alone. She saw me sitting alone and invited me to eat at the table with her and her friends,” Martinez said. “The legacy that (she has) left of kindness, generosity and positivity will always stay with us.”

Lucas Ruiz, sophomore computer science major and acquaintance of Hunter’s, said he would miss their conversations.

“She was a person who had an enduring soul with a big heart…my only regret is that I (wish) I knew her more,” Ruiz said.

Garza said the autopsy results would not be back for four to six weeks.

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