‘Go-Print’ puts a limit on student printing

‘Go-Print’ puts a limit on student printing

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Library Director, Bruce Schueneman shows freshman Marissa Martinez how to check her points using the Go-Print Station.

A new printing system known as “Go-Print” has started at Texas A&M University – Kingsville as of Tuesday April 15.

At the President’s Round Table on Tuesday, President Dr. Steven Tallant introduced the system and how it will benefit the university.

The library director, Bruce Schueneman said the Jernigan library staff hand counted all discarded or abandoned pages in the lab for three months’ time and recorded 38,051 discarded pieces of paper.

“We did not even count crumpled up paper that was thrown in wastebaskets,” Schueneman said as he looked over the numbers of paper waste.

With the Go-Print system, students are given 2,000 points each semester to use toward printing and 1,000 in the summer sessions.

Each page is worth 10 points or 10 cents and a color page is worth 50. If a student runs out of printing points, they are able to add money to their flex account with a credit card online through JNET or with cash using the Go-Print Pay Station located in the library.

Some students questioned the Go-Print system during the round table and explained that some professors require them to print out at least half of the awarded points worth of articles and PowerPoints.

“I hope it will go both ways for students and professors,” said Chelsea Nkrumah, junior history and political science major.

Nkrumah said she is all for the new printing system but hopes the professors will cooperate and understand that printing is limited and maybe the possibility of electronic devices in the classroom will increase.

Tallant said he would take the printing requirement conflicts into consideration and will work on that issue.

Other issues discussed included the dish-return system being shut down temporarily due to a special order part and the beverage filling station having structural issues.

The housing issue with water damage and repairs in Mesquite Village West was discussed and explained by housing staff. The solar panel heating system had a major malfunction and has been repaired. Any students affected by the water damage have been reimbursed accordingly.

Other items discussed at the round table included an update on the university, roadwork, tuition and fees.


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