Six Appeal puts their voices on display at TAMUK

Six Appeal puts their voices on display at TAMUK

Loud guitar riffs were not heard inside of the ballroom last Thursday night, but what was heard was the art of a cappella.

TAMUK’s Campus Activities Board(CAB) invited Six Appeal to perform in the Memorial Student Union Building(MSUB) on Feb 28.

Six Appeal is an a cappella group who performs all across the nation at different high schools and universities.

CAB found Six Appeal at The National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

NACA is an association that provides universities with campus engagement and presents different

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performers who are involved in NACA to these universities.

Six Appeal has been showcasing with NACA since Spring 2011.

“Once we saw them there we knew we had to have them perform. They bring a new and different kind of music which is what TAMUK is all about.” Juan Turrubiates, CAB member said.

The six singers sing covers along with original songs with no instrumental accompaniment and emulate all the music with only their voices. They incorporate and create unique sounds such as beat boxing and drums with only their voices.

Before each performance the group warms up and decides the set list for the show as well as their every show ritual.

“We usually have our mics in a close circle and say, ‘don’t suck,’” Andrew Berkowitz, percussion vocalist said.

The vocal band won the 2012 National Harmony Championship as well as performed the National Anthem at the 2013 All-State Sugar Bowl.

“It was mind blowing, it was the biggest audience up to date that we’ve had. 28,000 in the arena and millions of viewers watching on ESPN,” Trey Jones, low tenor vocalist said.

The vocal group just released their first full-length album Plan A in June of last year.

“It’s fantastic, I know for me personally and for most of the guys it’s the first full length album we’ve been apart of,” Berkowitz said.

The group rarely has time for full studio practices due to constant tour traveling.

“We practice while we are in the van because we are on the road all of the time.” Jones said.

Jones got a tattoo of a cassette displaying ‘Plan A’ on his forearm in celebration of their debut album.

Most TAMUK students had never seen an a cappella group perform and fell in love with Six Appeal’s performance.

“Other than the movie pitch perfect this was the first a cappella performance we’ve seen. It was better than Pitch Perfect, it was amazing,” Gladyz Lozoya, junior Communications major said.

The two females were just a few of the students that became instant Six Appeal fans right when the beats dropped.

“It was incredible, everything I thought that would happen happened so I wasn’t disappointed at all,” Adreina Morataya junior education major said.

Six Appeal varies their demographic region, catering to all cities no matter the size, even the smallest ones like Kingsville.

“It doesn’t matter the size of the town. It’s all about the people who attend the show. If they’re there to have a good time, then we have a good time,” Berkowitz said. “The students at TAMUK were really fun and receptive, so it was a great show.




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