Art department donates print to City of Kingsville

Art department donates print to City of Kingsville

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Jesus De La Rosa (left) and Will Castillo (right) present the print to the city council.

The City of Kingsville accepted a large art print donation from Texas A&M University-Kingsville’s (TAMUK) at the city council meeting on Monday.

The print was the same print the art department had used in the Ranch Hand Art Roundup in November.

“It was all an agreement from the Ranch Hand Art Roundup,” said Will Castillo, a student worker who was involved with the project.

Castillo said he was overwhelmed with how popular the print was at the Roundup.

“There was a lot of excitement when we were there,” he said. “We underestimated the population that would show up. We had about 4,000 people show up.”

The popularity of the project may end up benefitting TAMUK, according to Castillo.

“It was tremendous as a recruiting tool for our university and art department,” he said. “Everybody is thinking next year is going to be bigger and we’re wondering what other projects we can do for the city

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next year.”

Castillo also passed out small versions of the print to the residents of Kingsville.

Nick Mendoza, assistant professor of art, spoke to the city council about how pleased the university was with this collaboration.

“We really believe that through art we can accomplish many things,” he said.


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