TAMUK Police Blotter April 16, 2013

TAMUK Police Blotter April 16, 2013

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Disorderly Conduct

Case No. 13-0383

4/10/13; Martin Hall

An officer was dispatched to Martin Hall in reference to disorderly conduct. The officer spoke to a student who said he saw and identified a male urinating on a wall at the volleyball courtyard of Martin Hall. The student said he saw the man walking while carrying an item the student told the police had been acquired by someone in Martin Hall. The student told police the male has been known to go into unsecured rooms and take items that do not belong to him. The student said he followed the man to the Martin Hall volleyball courtyard where he caught him urinating on the wall. The student told the man to stop and asked him to leave, and he complied.

Injured Student

Case No. 13-0333

4/3/13; Rhode Hall

An officer was dispatched to Rhode Hall in reference to a student who had fallen down the stairs on the north side of the building. Dispatch advised the officer that a woman had contacted EMS, and they were en route. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with a woman who directed the officer to an office where the student was located. The student said he was walking down the stairs when he lost his footing and his ankle rolled. The officer advised the student EMS was en route, though the student said an ambulance was not needed. Officer recommended the student’s ankle get checked and at the student’s choice, he sign a waiver indicating he did not need to go to the hospital. EMS arrived, checked the student’s ankle, and when the student did not want to be transported to a hospital, the student signed a waiver. The student’s ankle was wrapped and an ice pack was placed on it. The student said he would go to the Wellness Center to see if he could get crutches.


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