Miss TAMUK’s journey through her reign

Miss TAMUK’s journey through her reign

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Miss TAMUK supporting Toys for Tots at the Tree Lighting Ceremony. (Contributed Photo)

The New Year often brings a sense of renewal and exploration for novel ideas that may lead some people to valuable opportunities.

Some students can be walking around in the crowd, and by the next semester they become the face that represents the student body of their school.

“The title I received last year has given me the opportunity to experience and learn new things,” said Jo-Ana Medrano.

Jo-Ana Medrano, bilingual education major, is a student at Texas A&M University – Kingsville (TAMUK) and has had the honor to serve as Miss TAMUK for the year 2013-2014.

Other than being a student, Medrano added new responsibilities to her school schedule.

“At first I was afraid of how my new duties would affect my overall academic performance,” Medrano said. “It took time to adjust.”

Medrano attended many school events and was assigned to various tasks, from presenting the opening statements at ceremonies to judging several competitions.

She was also invited to represent TAMUK at the 27th Annual Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas Conference and modeled at the Sembradores de Corpus Christi fashion show.

Previous to obtaining her new title, Medrano often made the President’s and Dean’s Lists for her academic achievement. Her added responsibilities did not hinder her from staying on the list.

“It was not something that happened overnight. I had to make some major adjustments, such as improving my time-management skills in order to be successful,” Medrano said.

The scholarship offered by the pageant helped Medrano worry less about school expenses and focus more on her courses.

“I don’t know how she managed to speak at many events and still maintain a good GPA and have a social life,” said Samantha Neely, music education major.

Representing the school was something that made Medrano nervous since she was not a very social person.

However, after having at speak at many different events throughout the semester, she became more comfortable with public speaking.

“I am proud to see how my sister has embraced her title and has allowed it to help her grow as an individual,” said Mayra Medrano, sister of Jo-Ana Medrano.

Through her increased participation in school functions, Medrano became aware of events that occurred on campus and learned more about different organizations.

“I enjoyed having the opportunity to partake in various campus events because it gave me the opportunity to be more involved,” said Medrano.

The Miss TAMUK pageant has helped Medrano learn more about herself and her school.

“I would recommend the Miss TAMUK pageant because not only is it a great scholarship opportunity that every young lady on campus should take advantage of, but above all it is a remarkable experience that will make your higher education experience unique,” Medrano said.

Medrano advises for girls to take a chance and apply, but most importantly, not to forget who they are and to continue to be themselves throughout the competition.

Miss TAMUK Pageant informationals will be held on Thursday, Jan. 30 at 5:30 p.m. and on Monday, Feb. 3 at noon at the Memorial Student Union Building.



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