Saturday , 31 January 2015
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Immigrant children not afforded equal opportunities

As the rest of the public is fixated on the spread of Ebola and the never-ending conflict in the Middle East, the children who have immigrated into the United States from Central America are still having trouble adjusting to life in America. The New York Times recently published an in-depth story that shed light on immigrant children who have not ... Read More »

Snapping, Sexting and Celebrities

Celebrities aren’t the only ones that need to worry about getting hacked anymore. It is estimated that more than 200,000 photos taken on Snapchat, a popular app used by high school and college students, have been hacked and leaked onto the Internet. With a photo dump that big, which people have labeled “The Snappening,” there is not much known about ... Read More »

States reform sex assault standard

No crime is a bigger issue on college campuses across the nation than sexual assault, and some states have now decided to take matters into their own hands. California’s state legislature passed a law that changes the standard on defining sexual assault. Rather than focusing on whether the victim explicitly rejected or resisted sexual activity, the law establishes that there ... Read More »

Help Needed to Defeat ISIS

It’s hard to envy President Barack Obama when he finds himself in a bind when it comes to how to deal with the Islamic State in Syria, or ISIS. In 2011, President Obama went through on his plans to withdraw troops from Iraq, wrapping up a nearly decade-long campaign in the Middle East. Not long after, ISIS troops began attacking ... Read More »

Witnessing the justice system unfold

This summer was a time of learning and new experiences for me and it was pure bliss. I was fortunate enough to land an internship at The Facts newspaper in Brazoria County. I worked as a reporter for an actual newspaper, which was not only a huge accomplishment but literally, a dream come true. I reported some major accidents, met ... Read More »

Slow and Steady Doesn’t Win the Race

We had a good thing going with direct deposit and paper checks as an option to receive refunds. Now, Texas A&M University-Kingsville has opted into using a third party known as HIgher One to distribute a student’s financial aid refund. Although this method seems harmless and claims to be convenient, it has created many setbacks for students that rely on ... Read More »

Gun violence requires a multi-angled approach

The tragic events at Sandy Hook brought about a renewed awareness of gun violence, but nothing notable has been done as of yet. Unfortunately, it seems as though school shootings are becoming more commonplace. According to an Associated Press analysis, there have been at least 11 school shootings since the increase in security after Sandy Hook. The most difficult question ... Read More »

Recent failures gone unanswered, Obama

Graphic courtesy of PEW Research Center

On Jan. 28, President Barack Obama gave a State of the Union address that called for many things that we’ve heard him say before: an end to the gridlock in Congress, reforms in the tax code and an executive order to raise the minimum wage for all federal workers. As always, the president managed to give an eloquent speech that ... Read More »

Courage to fight for change despite the odds

Illustration by America Banuelos

The United States was entering an era of change in the 1960’s. The economy was growing, the first Catholic president had been elected, and a civil rights movement was sweeping the nation. As a country, we have come to honor every third Monday in January as Martin Luther King Day, to celebrate the accomplishments of a man whose gift with ... Read More »

Voter IDs are an obstruction to democracy

Illustration by America Banuelos

In what was supposed to be a deterrent against voting fraud, the recent Texas Voter ID law has caused some unexpected trouble for women and senior citizens looking to fulfill their civic duty. An article by TIME Magazine states the law is unfairly discriminating against minorities, low-income voters and women. The new law, according to, could be seen as ... Read More »