Monday , 1 September 2014
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Another Viewpoint to Consider

Last Tuesday night, we had the opportunity to hear the speech we’d been waiting for: the State of the Union Address. It was the moment where we heard President Barack Obama give us, the American people, answers. Certainly, there were some aspects of the speech that might have fallen short for some people, but Obama did address other elements particularly ... Read More »

Not everything in life has to be complicated

Something complicated can be easy to figure out. The assignment was simple: walk around and see what people do. The students in the geology lab made their way outside and wrote notes about what they saw. I immediately picked up different personalities from little details like articles of clothing people were wearing. I saw what people were thinking from the ... Read More »

JavaBite with Chef Dash: Top Chef New orleans

Bravo’s reality competition show Top Chef has been on the air for over ten years and the competition gets better every year. For the past two months, over a dozen of America’s up-and-coming culinary superstars have been cooking and hoping to join the other chefs who have won the title in the past. This show hits close to home for ... Read More »

The Bottom Line: New Semester, New Goals

Hello, and welcome back students, faculty and staff. The Spring 2014 semester has begun and the spring sports seasons are rapidly approaching. Last semester I dedicated the Bottom Line to the best football team this university had ever witnessed… or at least we thought that at the beginning of the year. This semester I’m going to be touching on different ... Read More »

It’s good to be back home in Javelina Nation

The fall semester has come and gone, and the spring of 2014 is now upon us. For TAMUK veterans, welcome back! We’ve managed to survive another semester successfully and we’re a step closer to reaching our goal of graduation. Those of you students who are returning may have noticed that it might be a little harder to get around campus. ... Read More »

Change in the face of profound tradegy

I wish I were surprised by the news of Jaqueline Olivares’ death. I have nothing but sympathy for her parents; the grief of losing a child isn’t something I’d wish on anyone. However, the sad fact is that this is nothing new. Ignorant people get drunk, ignorant people drive drunk, and ignorant people kill the innocent. We make laws and ... Read More »

Javabite with Chef Dash: Baconation


We have entered a new year and while many people want to be healthy, I want to do the total opposite and indulge myself in things that just taste good. When I think of the one thing that always tastes delicious no matter what, I just think of bacon. Some people like their bacon super crispy but I like mine ... Read More »

Different beginning, same destination, same dream

Criminals raised me. My parents have been accused of stealing the taxpayer’s money and are experts of hiding from the law. They used to be illegal immigrants. Hispanics are seen as a minority in America, and as a result of that, I grew up with a great sense of inferiority to anyone that spoke English. Speaking Spanish made me feel ... Read More »

Stop looking at your phone when I’m talking to you

As I was getting ready for work one afternoon, my sister was frantically looking everywhere for her cell phone. After checking through the couch cushions, the tops of the kitchen and bathroom counters, and even outside, it was nowhere to be found. I couldn’t help but grin evilly as she ran from one side of the house to the other ... Read More »

Chef Dash’s secret ingredient: love

The one thing that I never forget to put into my food is love. It is the ingredient that makes food not only taste good but it makes it feel good. Love is what creates the experience, and that is why we are foodies because we want to experience food, not just eat it. When you cook for people, never ... Read More »