Friday , 24 October 2014
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The Bottom Line: Javelinas played with pride

There’s a difference between competing and being competitive. That’s the point that Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletics and Campus Recreation Scott Gines stressed when he decided to make the ultimate call on the leadership of this struggling team. People around the campus and the community have lost the faith they once had in this program. This season, without question, has ... Read More »

Immigrant children not afforded equal opportunities

As the rest of the public is fixated on the spread of Ebola and the never-ending conflict in the Middle East, the children who have immigrated into the United States from Central America are still having trouble adjusting to life in America. The New York Times recently published an in-depth story that shed light on immigrant children who have not ... Read More »

Standing up to the statistic

As a 23-year old Hispanic, people assume I must have children and stay home all day because that’s what women in my culture are expected to be. The majority of my friends and cousins, my age or younger, are mothers and proud of the fact to the point where I am looked down upon. Fortunately for me, I took a ... Read More »

Ebola causes unnecessary panic

The panic regarding the Ebola virus being here in the U.S. has been downright silly. Let’s go over how it spreads. In order to contract the disease, you have to touch the body fluids of a person who is sick with Ebola or you’d have to be touched by objects contaminated with the virus. Ebola is not spread via air, ... Read More »

Behind the scenes: stones in the desert…eterno

Getting to play pretend has always been a fun experience, even if it was just playing cops and robbers as a kid. Now, I get to do it as a hobby and hopefully professionally in my near future. Acting not only gives you an experience to learn about different people’s culture and habits by taking on different characters, but you ... Read More »

Staying positive while running for royalty

Just like any little girl I wanted to be a princess, but I always felt like I didn’t fit the part. I’m not your typical preppy, happy go lucky girl that is active in every organization that you can join. I was the quiet, nose-in-my-books kind of girl who was scared to join anything. I avoided any chance of rejection. ... Read More »

Getting over the hurdle

Apathetic. The first time I ever used that word to describe my attitude about life was in high school. That’s when I discovered that I suffer from mild depression. It was a horrible feeling, knowing that I should care when I just didn’t. If only it were as simple as people make it out to be. But it’s not as ... Read More »

Snapping, Sexting and Celebrities

Celebrities aren’t the only ones that need to worry about getting hacked anymore. It is estimated that more than 200,000 photos taken on Snapchat, a popular app used by high school and college students, have been hacked and leaked onto the Internet. With a photo dump that big, which people have labeled “The Snappening,” there is not much known about ... Read More »

Rebuilding Javelina Pride

It was a move that we all saw coming. The writing was on the wall when Eastern New Mexico pounded the Javelinas 31-0 a couple of weeks ago, and the final straw was this past Saturday against Tarleton. The 80-14 beatdown was the nail in the coffin for former head coach David Calloway. In Calloway’s tenure, he saw the worst ... Read More »

The Bottom line: Questionable Decisions

Where do we even begin? The failures of this Javelina football team have been self-evident since they won their lone game of the season vs. Colorado Mesa. For starters lets get to the quarterback carousel that has been taking place the past couple of weeks ever since starting quarterback Trey Mitchell went down to a shoulder injury in the LSC ... Read More »