Tuesday , 30 September 2014
Current Events


The bottom line rising to the occasion

Going to Arlington this past weekend is an experience I’ll never forget. I got to call the game for the TAMUK sports radio network and sit in a state of the art radio booth while doing so. Believe me, this booth was a luxury suite. But I also experienced what it’s like to have a football team that gets man-handled ... Read More »

Overcoming fear of failure to achieve my dreams

After 20 years of life I still get nervous when somebody asks me what I want to be when I grow up. Over the years my dreams have changed, I went from wanting to be a fire truck (yes the truck not the fighter) to being the first astronaut to fly out of the galaxy. Living in a world without ... Read More »

Time to strike down voter ID

The three-week trial over the legality of Senate Bill 14, which requires voters to show ID in order to vote has come to an end as both sides gave their closing arguments on Sept. 22. The law was enforced in time for the 2011 election, and required voters to show one of five forms of photo identification before they could ... Read More »

No money more problems

I have been at TAMUK now for two years and every semester the same issues arise and they all have to do with the same thing: money. For some reason the only money the school makes a top priority is what is owed to them, so things like refund checks have already been on the back burner. But this year ... Read More »

The Bottom line: Don’t judge a team off past failures

In life you will run into obstacles, challenges that seem overwhelming to some, but more than achievable when you believe. That ladies and gentlemen is exactly the story of the Javelina Football team. How many of you all counted them out of the Colorado Mesa game before it even began? Probably the majority of you did, it doesn’t surprise me ... Read More »

Time to expand medicare

Texas continues to lead the pack. In this case, that’s not a good thing. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Lone Star state continues to have the highest number of uninsured people in the U.S. These people include families with income below 200 percent of the poverty level, Hispanics, young adults aged 19 to 34, people with part-time jobs and individuals in poor ... Read More »

Peterson went too far in disciplining child

The NFL is a league known for taking hits and dishing them out too, but those hits usually take place on the football field, not on the organization’s public image. Things went from bad to worse for the NFL as the public shifted their focus from Ray Rice’s domestic abuse to Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s child abuse scandal. ... Read More »

A pain in the brain

We all witnessed something truly amazing in these past few months, through the power of social media the little known neurological disorder Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as ALS. With over 113 million dollars raised and ALS now a household name, I can only imagine the possible research that will go towards such a debilitating disease. Now I want to ... Read More »

College of Engineering contributes to the growth

Enrollment at TAMUK continues to rise and one college seems to stand out from the rest. The majority of enrollment this year has been in the College of Engineering, primarily in electrical engineering and computer science. “We’ve been working hard to grow enrollment. It’s great to see that we’re attracting so many more students. This career opens many doors to ... Read More »

The legacy lives on

I had the honor of attending the unveiling of legendary Javelina coach Gil Steinke’s statue last weekend on Sept. 6 at Javelina Stadium, and it has left a lasting memory on me ever since. Steinke may not be the most recognizable person among current students, but he’s a man who needs no introduction. He led the Javelinas to 10 Lone ... Read More »