Thursday , 27 November 2014
Current Events


Platform for intellectual exchange

Sigma Delta Pi’s Academic Symposium saw its inception during the continuing tenure of Marco Iñiguez, a Spanish lecturer here at Texas A&M University–Kingsville. The organization has now been hosting the event for seven years on campus. Iñiguez wasn’t aware of the organization initially, and learned about it from his students after being hired by the university. He was then adopted ... Read More »

TAMUK joins battle against sex violence

Instead of standing still, Texas A&M University-Kingsville’s Student Government Association is speaking out and taking action against sexual assault and violence. TAMUK’s SGA is teaming up with the White House for the “It’s On Us” campaign, geared toward college and university students to bring the issue of sexual assault to light. Student and faculty leaders throughout campus initiated the conversation ... Read More »

Ceremony shows who’s who on campus

When a professor or academic dean has worked with a student over the years either in an organization or someone they have had the opportunity to know well enough, they may find themselves saying: “This is someone that should be recognized.” The Who’s Who Among Students award is for those students, the ones who demonstrate outstanding accomplishments, according to the ... Read More »

Hackers go phishing for info

A phishing e-mail has been going around Texas A&M University-Kingsville, and it has caused some school e-mails to get blacklisted from e-mail servers. For the past few weeks, a phishing e-mail has had success in catching people’s information, causing it to circulate further throughout the school, said Bob Paulson, chief information officer of iTech. “Other systems start rejecting our e-mail ... Read More »

One step closer to the end

Yesenia Lorea is nervous as she approaches the stage. The Dean of Students has just called her name. She slowly goes to the front to receive a small box. In this box is the symbol of her hard work, of the opportunity she has been given by Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Inside the box is her class ring. The 2014 Fall ... Read More »

TAMUK survives annual zombie invasion

A horde of zombies is moving across campus. The human survivors of Texas A&M University-Kingsville are on the run, armed with only one saving grace: a sock. The Humans vs. Zombies event, which went on from Nov. 3 to Nov. 7, is a campus-wide game of tag starting with only one zombie. This zombie’s objective is to go out and ... Read More »

City council approves zoning change

The Kingsville City Council met on Monday, November 10 and approved rezoning a multifamily residential to bring the Café 5 closer to TAMUK. Café 5 is a locally owned restaurant and wants to relocate closer to the college area. Ramy Nassar, the owner of Café 5 knows there are over 800 international students that attend TAMUK and wants to make ... Read More »

Education majors attend job fair

Texas A&M University-Kingsville hosted an education fair on Tuesday Nov. 11, 2014, from 12 p.m. – 3 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom, which provided students with a chance to network with education recruiters. Many of the recruiters showed up around 10:30 a.m. that morning to begin setting up tables with information on which school district or organization they represented. ... Read More »

Bringing the Arts back to South Texas

Texas A&M University-Kingsville’s role as the official Rural Arts Provider for Kleberg County stared last week with San Antonio author and poet Carmen Tafolla presenting programs for Kingsville, Santa Gertrudes, Riviera and Driscoll school districts. The goal of the program is to bring professional writers and poets to the area with the purpose to help local students prosper in their ... Read More »

TAMUK ROTC explains importance of Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is celebrated across the country as a day to recognize those that have known what it is to fight for what our country is today. Jones Briant, ROTC Cadet Sergeant at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, is one of the many that are willing to serve our country and also acknowledges the sacrifices of our veterans. “It’s symbolic, you’re honoring ... Read More »