Wednesday , 17 September 2014
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All Hail la Reina

Poise, beauty, and knowledge. That’s what is needed to be royalty and Valerie Rangel has known that all her life. “I’ve been doing pageants for as long as long as I can remember,” Rangel said. Since the age of one, the Corpus Christi native has participated in numerous pageants and has received multiple titles. Her recent reign includes Queen of ... Read More »

Capturing The Struggle Using Brushstrokes

Shawn Brewer is deep in thought after looking at one of Rigoberto Gonzalez's paintings.

With his astonishing talent for illustrating the realities of life through his paintings, artist Rigoberto Gonzalez has enlightened and inspired students like freshman art major, Angela Pineda. “The exhibit was very intense and has shown me how bad the violence along the Mexican-American border is,” Pineda said as she stared at a painting depicting a decapitation. The exhibit, which was ... Read More »

Miss TAMUK spends summer in Georgia

Always looking for new opportunities to better herself, graduate student Sowmya Damidi, computer science major and Miss TAMUK 2014-2015, participated in the Emerging Leader Fellowship Program this summer. Damidi said she was recommended to take part in it by Laura Prange, Director of Campus Sustainability. “Since the time that Sowmya arrived on campus about a year ago, she was just ... Read More »

TAMUK student chooses education over politics

Brandon Barrera, a GOP activist and Republican candidate for Kleberg County, has withdrawn his candidacy for the county clerk nomination Barrera’s nomination took place after the  resignation of the previousDemocratic clerk, Leo Alarcon Barrera’s resignation from this nomination came into effect Aug. 21. Barrera, a senior and communications major said he believes that it means more to finish his degree here ... Read More »

Graduate reflects on time in department: ACT Student of the Year

Arts, Communications and Theatre Department Student of the Year Rami Garza.

Recent Texas A&M University-Kingsville (TAMUK) graduate Ramiro “Rami” Garza never thought he would go to college, let alone find his passion there. “I honestly didn’t want to go to college,” Garza said. “I wanted to attend ITT Tech in San Antonio and major in network engineering.” Garza entered TAMUK in Fall 2011 as a Journalism major/ speech minor after visiting ... Read More »

Continuing journalistic passion: ACT Alumnus of the Year

A.C.T. Alumnus of the Year Nicole Perez

Many graduate college and go on to accomplish great things, however, there are only a few that have what it takes to stand out and make an impact throughout a whole community. Nicole Perez, graduate of Texas A&M University – Kingsville (TAMUK) was honored as Art, Communications, and Theatre (ACT) Department “Alumnus of the Year.” Perez, a San Diego native, ... Read More »

Professor to Exhibit Her Art in Spain

Marketing and Communications KINGSVILLE (June 12, 2014) — Santa Barraza, art professor at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, is known throughout the world for her paintings. She has had exhibits all over the United States. Now her art will take her to Spain, where her paintings will be on display at the prestigious Casa de America in Madrid. Read More »

TAMUK student uses his last year as an undergraduate to start something new

Photo by Sydney Hernandez

Adjust the lights, get a good angle and deliver the perfect line. Cut. Okay, let’s do it again. Many students wish to capture the perfect moment, especially in their last semester of college. However, they only get one shot. Preston Neill had the opportunity to do just that on Jan. 24 when he hosted the Javelina Oscars. Not only did ... Read More »

Music Ensembles Represent TAMUK


Different melodic styles that are usually performed at the Bellamah music building will be displayed near the famous San Antonio Riverwalk. Three ensembles from the Texas A&M University – Kingsville (TAMUK) music department will be performing at the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Convention in San Antonio, Texas on Friday Feb. 14. “We are Use I invisible it ext ... Read More »

Miss TAMUK’s journey through her reign

Miss TAMUK supporting Toys for Tots at the Tree Lighting Ceremony. (Contributed Photo)

The New Year often brings a sense of renewal and exploration for novel ideas that may lead some people to valuable opportunities. Some students can be walking around in the crowd, and by the next semester they become the face that represents the student body of their school. “The title I received last year has given me the opportunity to ... Read More »