Thursday , 2 October 2014
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All about the buns and bass

If an artist wants to make it into the music top charts this month, there is a trend they need to follow. Famous performers like Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez have been singing about a certain body part. And the moral of the story is the bigger, the better. Booties have had a colossal influence in popular music this month. ... Read More »

Running through mazes has rarely been this exhilarating

The Maze Runner begins in pitch-black, and the first thing we hear is a panicked gasp. We then see a young man in a fearful state as he cautiously observes a metal cage he is in, which is being thrust upward. He emerges from the cage onto land, filled with other boys. He is in a complete state of hysteria ... Read More »

KTAI to celebrate college radio day

On air for the entire world to hear, TAMUK KTAI will be participating in the annual College Radio Day on Oct. 3 from 11 a.m.–6 p.m. College Radio Day is a celebration that recognizes college radio stations all the way from Italy to Colombia. A 24-hour day of different shows from all over the world on one station. Although KTAI ... Read More »

South Texas band changes it up

Like every rock-star, Cameran Nelson appeared on stage fashionably late and opened with an original song from his new album, which was structured around an ascending root note in E sharp. This structure is usually reserved for alternative rock. But their South Texas country style reshaped the traditional structure. After the song, the band did a few covers and had ... Read More »

A Brutal Return for Vampire Folklore

Anyone who keeps up with FX and all its dramatically chilling television shows have likely been the recent followers of Guillermo del Toro’s new series, The Strain. It is based off a horror novel by the same name, although the series will divulge from the novelization as it progresses into its green-lit second season. You need to have a substantial ... Read More »

Fashion tips for the south texas heat

From hot weather to humid weather in the past few weeks, where is the breeze? Fall begins on Sept. 22 with what we all hope will be fresh weather to follow. From the looks of the weather it is transitioning as it always does with rain, rain, and more rain. You all have witnessed the past few days of pouring ... Read More »

A Claustrophobic Journey into Historical Mythology

Found-footage horror films are a dime a dozen these days, growing in popularity since the first Paranormal Activity film seven years ago and fueling unwatchable copycat mediocrity. The scares are cheap, the storylines are bland, and the originality is nonexistent. Thankfully, As Above/So Below manages to break past these barriers and create a new, atmospherically tormenting energy. One of the ... Read More »

Theatre show cancelled

Broadway in the Brush, the theatre’s annual show, was cancelled this year due to a lack of able people. The show, which functions as a fundraiser for the theatre group, is an event both students and people from the Kingsville community can attend. “In the past the show has been very successful, but this year it was cancelled due to ... Read More »

A Vividly Gruesome Revisit to the City

Comic book to big-screen adaptations are always tricky, as we’ve seen with Marvel and DC’s recent creations. They have varied from being cinematically gorgeous, full of creative intellectualness, one of each, or neither. Thankfully, “neither” has stayed away from 2014. The Sin City universe, however, stands apart. It is grim but hypnotically exquisite, told in black-and-white narrations filled with a ... Read More »

Electronic Dance Music Hits Kingsville

Bright strobe lights and electronic dance music (EDM) will fill the room at Pure Platinum on Sept. 5 at 7 p.m. Jasey Limon and Alex Fuentez, also known as ‘Reign,’ have decided to put on their second Breaking Ground EDM Rave show for all EDM fans in Kingsville. “Kingsville doesn’t really have an electronic scene and those that are into ... Read More »