Saturday , 31 January 2015
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TAMUK choir prepares for Johannes Brahms’Requiem

The Texas A&M University – Kingsville (TAMUK) Concert Choir and the Kingsville Chorale are preparing to perform the Johannes Brahms’ Requiem on April 29th  and May 3rd. “I was looking for a masterwork that would be accessible to our audience and be a interesting challenge for the students and the community choir,” said Kenneth Williams, professor of music and director ... Read More »

Our top 5 favorite films of 2014

5. Nightcrawler Nightcrawler is, without a doubt, one of 2014’s most hauntingly provocative films. Every layer of the film slowly unfolds with ominous and grippingly dark events, never losing its sinister and macabre ambiance. Nightcrawler follows the pale, long-haired Louis Bloom, played with chilling exquisiteness by Jake Gyllenhaal, as he struggles to live without a stable job. He is a ... Read More »

Mockingjay proves fire is catching as fast as ever

It is always difficult to approach the first part of a two-part film, particularly when it is essentially a set-up for the climactic finale (I’m looking at you, “Harry Potter,” “Twilight,” and “The Hobbit” franchises). Yes, this is undoubtedly a Hollywood cash-grab scheme, but that is not to say these first-part films should be given any leeway in terms of ... Read More »

What to wear in this winter chill

The Texas weather has officially hit us, with our crazy winter changes what should you wear? Even with the freezing cold weather you can still look fashionable bundled up. Layers are your best friend. Like the photo to the far right you can wear simple outfits such as a solid colored sweater, a pair of jeans, knee high boots, and ... Read More »

World of Warcraft: Warlords of draenor hits the pc

The new World of Warcraft was rumored to mark a return to the Burning Crusade era, the “good ol’ days” that everyone likes to reminisce about. Once I was finally able to log on – launch day was a mess – I got to see for myself whether this was true. The introduction quests to the new expansion were incredible, ... Read More »

Serial forces you to decide the truth for yourself

If you’re in any way like me—any by that, I mean glued to the internet and social media sites on a daily basis—it has been virtually impossible (no pun intended) to avoid Serial, a new non-fiction podcast that has taken the nation by storm over the past few weeks. iPhone users need only to open their purple Podcast app, click ... Read More »

Alpha PSI Omega theatre society presents “Bug”

Creepy, crawling creatures will tingle up the audiences’ spine with Alpha Psi Omega’s next production, “Bug”. Every year, Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Honor Society presents a play for the semester with their members and all of their ideas. This year the director, Vanessa Valdez, chose the drama “Bug” written by Tracy Letts. “I was looking through some different scripts and ... Read More »

Calvin Klein adds a size that offends plus size women

For years fashion designers and models alike have been ridiculed for not representing the “real woman” because of the size that most fashion models are so I would think that with Calvin Klein adding size 10 to their selection in women’s underwear, there would be some relief. I was wrong. Instead of being optimistic and understanding about the addition, consumers ... Read More »

Interstellar is a powerful journey out of our galaxy

The much-anticipated Interstellar arrived and immediately created massive explosions, both on film and in the film’s response. Many, like myself, found it to be an unprecedented masterpiece. Others have called the film too outlandish or ridiculous, due to its fictitious scientific perspectives. This, of course, also happened with last year’s space thriller Gravity—and please take note, Interstellar is not Gravity. ... Read More »

Fashion week meets pollution masks

Fashion trends have taken a turn this week and it’s not the typical skirts, dresses and fur coats. China makes masks chic this season. Due to the higher causes of pollution in China, they made a bad situation into a fashionable one. At the beginning of this year, the World Health Organization reported more than 7 million premature deaths worldwide ... Read More »