Austian Minozil brass comes to TAMUK

Austian Minozil brass comes to TAMUK

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Mnozil Brass performs their new show, 'Yes, Yes, Yes!' to TAMUK in Jones Auditorium March 4.

The Mnozil Brass group visited Texas A&M University-Kingsville and was met with a nearly full house at Jones Auditorium on Mar. 4, which consisted of not only TAMUK students and faculty and the Kingsville community, but even students from outside the area.

The Mnozil Brass is an Austrian Brass septet, who play jazz, classical, pop, and many other styles of music using traditional Brass instruments.

“We play applied brass music for people from all walks of life. We face every challenge, no tone is too high for us, no lip is too hot and no music is too inferior. You can see our music and you can smell the stage performance,” the group’s slogan states.

The band bega their journey in 1992 in Vienna in Josef Mnozil’s tavern, where they got their name ‘Mnozil’. The band has become so well-known that they hold more than 120 concerts a year all around the world.

“They are very entertaining and they are different too, it’s really cool to see. I think it’s a great experience for our students, this is something that people would have to travel to San Antonio or Houston to see,” said Erin McClure, student activities director.

Unlike traditional brass performances, the Mnozil Brass is theatrical.

“I think it’s great, they are stellar players. They don’t just stand and play, some are very good dancers too,” said Dr. Kenneth Williams, professor of music and director of choral activities.

The event, which was planned for over year a year, brought in many students throughout Texas.

“About 500 high school and middle schools were there. Over 900 seats and I’d say there were 9 or 10 left,” McClure said.

Ramon Nino, Mariachi director at Northside High School in Fort Worth, said he and his group were performing in Austin and thought they’d stop by in Kingsville to see the Mnozil Brass perform.

“My students have never seen a performance like this before. We›ve seen a lot of YouTube videos of their performances and we heard that they were playing and decided to come out being close by,” Nino said.

Nino’s mariachi students aren’t used to seeing performances that are less serious and fun, he said.

“The musicianship was just amazing, the kids were overwhelmed with how great they play but they love the comedy aspect of it. It’s such a good show, the music was phenomenal but the show was just amazing,” Nino said. “It’s rare

Tracey Hernandez
Entertainment Editor