President Tallant plans nine-city tour to celebrate 90th anniversary

President Tallant plans nine-city tour to celebrate 90th anniversary

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Students of Texas A&M University-Kingsville know what’s going on in Javelina Nation, but President Steven Tallant wants to spread the word to even more people with a tour around Texas.

In honor of TAMUK’s 90th anniversary, university officials have planned a tour around the state to provide an update of campus affairs to alumni all throughout Texas, kicking off with an event on the rooftop of 219 West in Austin on Feb. 26.

The tour will hit several major cities were alumni are located, like Dallas, Houston, Harlingen and Corpus Christi.

“We just wanted to bring Javelina Nation to all these different cities,” said Justin Munoz, Interim Director of Alumni Affairs.

The idea was to show alumni that TAMUK has made progress in several different aspects, and there’s no better way to show that then with a few students.

“We’re doing great things, and we want to show (alumni) that their alma mater is up to good things,” Munoz said. “It’s also a good chance to meet a few current students and seeing what they’re up to.”

It’s not uncommon for presidents to go on these tours, Munoz said, but the administration is hoping to do things a bit more casual on this trip.

“It’s more of an event to mix and socialize and enjoy each other,” Munoz said.

The tour is expected to hit nine cities, but Javelina Nation might not be finished there.

“We originally said nine cities, but we’re hoping we can extend that,” Munoz said.