Humans vs. Zombies: Day 1

Humans vs. Zombies: Day 1

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Editor’s Note: Josette Adame is a writer for the South Texan. She is also participating in the Humans vs. Zombies competition at Texas A&M University – Kingsville. There are over 150 participants in the competition. As the competition progresses, Adame will give a first person account, raw and unedited in the spirit of desperation, of her journey as a human trying to avoid the Zombies. If caught, she will write as a Zombie.

Day 1

By: Josette Adame

Today is the day the world I once knew at Texas A&M University –Kingsville ended. My name is Josette Adame I’m a freshman at AMK. I am a journalist at the south Texan. On October. 31st 2011 at midnight, that’s when it all began the beginning of the end. The world is now separated between zombies and humans. This is only day one, and I still breathe I live I have a pulse. I got the message before midnight night before. From a person who is my moderator. She warned me, “Midnight zombie vs. humans begins.” I didn’t believe at first, but I do now. After the clock struck 12 I spotted groups of people, alliances ready to attack with their weapons of socks that will eventually become pool noodles. I ran to the nearest safe house which can be any building so I heard. The next morning I was awaken at 8 am by moderator’s message informing me of my first two missions. My mission’s to survival. I only had between 8-12pm to go across the campus to reach the student union. I put on my yellow bandana which defines me as human; while the green bands define zombies. The courtyards were empty, dead silence that’s all I heard. I ran across, for if I can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. I came across a friend she was wearing a band; I was to attack with all needs necessary. She wasn’t in the world I was, my mind was so full of fear that I forgot about mercy towards others, as long I was going to live. Now I understand why in movies people go mad in and infested world of killer monsters. I arrived at the union building the leader of the moderators gave me my first two missions. Which both had certain time and place to meet. My first mission was at 2:40pm it was to test my survival skills. I had time to waste so I sat outside in the world forgetting my problems and horrors that are waiting to turn me into one of them. I did forget, until I saw and heard the first victim’s yells, I didn’t help her no one did. I just ran and hid in a room until it felt safe. I came first, my life came first. At 2:40pm I got to my first mission location I got there late so I was afraid I would not know what to do, but luckily people were still willing to help me survive. We need to get to certain two locations to meet up with our moderators. Everyone worked together, a group of ten is better than one. Zombies waiting and watched us make our way. Some attacked, but they got stopped. We all made it to our locations. The zombies were over powered by human, they knew. That’s why they just stood aside and watched us, their possibly future victims. I left the group I wondered off to get to my safe house, but along the way a zombie found me. We stared at eachother, as if we were in a draw off. I hit him before he could get me. I ran as soon as I realize he that he was frozen. I felt empowered when I got to my safe house, I made it. Soon night came didn’t go to my 2nd mission for were allowed to miss one. I went to Oktoberfest for it is Halloween night and I must celebrate it. Even in a human and zombie world. I was safe there, but I soon ran into trouble yet again. I was surrounded by 2 zombies; I don’t even know how I got out of there still being human. All that matter is that I did…this is only day one of my will to survive. I don’t know how many people are still listening, but stay with me. The number of zombies will increase I will run into more situations, possibly one too hard to overcome. This isn’t my world anymore; this is the world im trying to survive in everyday. For this is only day one.