TAMUK will open 2015 season with new head softball coach

TAMUK will open 2015 season with new head softball coach

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Betsy Dean
Betsy Dean

The Texas A&M-University Softball team will begin the 2015 season with a new face at the head of the program. Betsy Dean has become the seventh head coach in the history of the university, replacing Ricki Rothbauer.

Dean is coming off after two seasons at Seton Hall University as the pitching coach for the Pirates. In all, Dean has over eight years of coaching on the secondary and post-secondary level experience.
Playing the game of softball and having a feel for the game is nothing new for the first year head coach. When it comes to the love of the game, Dean can remember softball in her life from the time she was an infant in her crib.

“My dad already had a baseball on my crib waiting for me when he brought be home,” said Dean. “I have been around the game ever since I can remember.”

Her early years in coaching were spent as the head softball coach at Elba High School in Elba, Alabama in 2008. While at Elba, Dean won an area title in her first season and owned G-Force Competitive Fast pitch Training. Her program became a very influential facility for female athletes in the south Alabama and northwest Florida.
Dean is taking charge of a program that finished the 2014 season with a 14-42 overall record and a 5-23 record in the Lone Star Conference.

“I am ready for the challenge and it is great to be a part of a conference that is competitive year in and year out, defensively our team is well and we just need to learn to make plays and not keep secrets on the field and we will be fine,” said Dean.

The game of softball and baseball has come natural to the Dean family, starting with her dad who was recruited by the St. Louis Cardinals when he was just a 10th grader.

“My dad was a huge part of my life when it came to the game, he would take me to practice in the batting cages and not softball cages but baseball cages,” said Dean. “My dad was recruited by the St. Louis Cardinals and during his time there, he had a career ending injury in the Bo Jackson Injury and they wanted to take his leg but my dad wouldn’t let them because of his passion for the game.”

The impact of her father Johnny White is the reason Dean has been motivated to share her love for the game with her athletes and make sure they leave the game with memories to remember forever.

“Playing at the national championship stage is an experience I want my players to remember forever and experience playing for national championship,” Dean said.

The Javelina softball team will have their work cut out for them as they begin their 2015 campaign Feb. 3 against Texas A&M University International at Verine and Blanch Hubert Field in Kingsville.

“I want to win a national championship,” Dean said. “I feel very privileged to be here to be a first year colligate head coach and I don’t know if I would want to be anywhere else.”