Truth unapparent in history textbook coalition

Truth unapparent in history textbook coalition

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To take a page out of George Orwell’s book, “he who controls the past controls the future.”

What society should allow politicians or activist groups the right to change history or censor the truth?

The Texas State Board of Education found itself concerned over a ridiculous question last month: Was Sam Houston a liberal?

One Republican board member, Pat Hardy, said that Houston might not like that and the Republicans want to keep Houston on their side.

A group called the “Truth in Texas Textbooks Coalition (TTT)” recently submitted a report to the board, identifying more than 1,500 “factual errors.”

Some of the changes they wanted to make included stating coal mining has a minimal effect on the environment and removing a section that says Shariah law requires religious tolerance of non-Muslims.

The group has also expressed doubt about things like the age of the Earth, wanting to make an edit suggesting that many scientists don’t believe the Earth to be millions of years old, according to the Texas Freedom Network.

They also complained there was too much coverage of the civil rights movement, saying it engages in “racial politics,” according to TFN.

That they want to make these types of edits should worry you. What gives this group (and the Board, for that matter) the right to change history as they see fit?

Nobody should knowingly impose their biases on the past. We should remember everything about Texas history, both the good and the bad.

Even if you disagree with something that happened, that’s just it: it happened.

And in the case of the TTT coalition, disliking a religious group (Muslims) doesn’t give you the right to censor things about them.

Granted, this is nothing new. We see this sort of bias in the mainstream media all the time. But that doesn’t make it any less wrong.

We should stand up for the truth. Never settle for anything less than that. These people on the board are just like us. Don’t give them the power to impose their misguided views on the next generation.

Leave the history to the historians.


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