Behind the curtain Bug

Behind the curtain Bug

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Halloween is long gone and we’re almost through mid-November but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for chills and creeps. This is what the theatre department is hoping to bring in their upcoming performance of “Bug” by Tracy Letts.

The story follows an Oklahoma local, Agnus, who is down on her luck and whose path crosses with a veteran drifter named Peter Evans. Their relationship turns passionate very quickly and we begin to learn more about Agnus’ troubled past and Peter’s peculiar military background.

Along the way, Agnus’ friend, RC, is not completely sure about how she feels about Peter’s behavior especially just coming in from pretty much out of nowhere, while Goss, Agnus’ ex-husband just doesn’t like anybody, which just adds the perfect amount of tension to keep you second guessing at all times.

Bug is being presented by the theatre honor fraternity Alpha Psi Omega and is being directed by one of its members, Vanessa Valdez, senior CSDO major alongside her co-director, Nickolas Villareal, sophomore engineering major.

This small cast will also be having some fresh faces to the theatre with Katherine Villareal as Agnus, a sophomore English major and Larry Savoy, Spanish major transfer student as Peter.

The roles of RC and Goss are taken up by two freshmen, Etta Enow, biomed major, and Troy Sanchez, engineering major. I play the role of Dr. Sweet, a doctor from Peter’s past.

The great thing about this play is that it is not your traditional script. It charms the conspiracy theorist enthusiasts and tugs at your heartstrings just at the right moments.

The best part is that the audience can decide how the play ends and who really is the bad guy at the end of it all. An audience member can go several times and have a different theory for the play’s outcome every single time they see it.

“Bug” will be performed in the Little Theatre November 13-15 at 7:30 p.m. and November 16 at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are five dollars and concessions will be available.


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