Halloween conjures thoughts of the paranormal experiences on campus

Halloween conjures thoughts of the paranormal experiences on campus

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You’re walking back to your dormitory at night when you get that feeling. Someone or something is watching you, and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You walk with a quickened pace, and when you get to your room, you reassure yourself that it was all in your head. Or was it?

There are ten signs, according to Paranormal News Central, that determine if the building you are in is haunted.

Is there a strange scent in the air? It can be anything, though it is usually the favorite scent of the person haunting the building.

Are you having unusual dreams? It could be that the ghost is attempting to contact you or warn you.

Do you get the feeling that something is watching you? It could be that the ghost is in the same room as you.

Is there a heaviness in the air? Ghosts have the ability to distort the air around them. People have reported the air is lighter after an exorcism.

Did you hear something unusual? Ghosts will commonly turn appliances on and off to alert you to their presence. They may even whisper, laugh, or cry.

Did the temperature suddenly drop? Ghosts require energy to manifest, drawing heat from the area, leading to cold chills.

Are there objects being moved out of place?  The spirit will move things around when you are not there. Powerful spirits can even open/close doors; seek help against those right away.

Did something just touch you? Ghosts can touch a person, though this is a rare occurrence. Make sure it wasn’t a breeze or you lightly brushing up against something. If you have bruises and cuts that cannot be explained, get help immediately. It is a malevolent spirit.

Are you having mood swings? It is possible for a ghost to affect someone’s mood. The most common emotions provoked are fear and anxiety. In the more extreme cases, the person is probably possessed. The ghosts that display this ability are mostly demonic in nature.

Did you just see something? If you’re quick enough, you may be able to spot a ghost that manifests. Most of the time, the ghost is reliving the moments before it died.

Rest assured that most ghosts are not “evil.” Most spirits are here because they suffered an extreme trauma in their lifetime. Still, paranormal experts say, it is not wise to go seeking these spirits out.

But as people will do it anyway, here are the rumors around campus:

There was an exorcism that took place in 2008 at Martin Hall.

Numerous students have reported cold chills and the feeling of being watched at Martin and Turner Hall. This could be because of suicides at both dorms before.

The Jones Auditorium is reportedly haunted because of the spirit of a man that fell off the railings a long time ago. Lights flicker on and off and clothes fall off the racks constantly.

The Clock Tower, every day at midnight, reveals the shadow of a man who hanged himself years ago.

A friend of a friend said that while in the second floor restroom on Echkardt, the stall doors all slammed at once, and she heard a girl laughing.  Nobody was there.

Late at night, the sound of a little girl running and laughing through the hall can be heard at Manning.

A good indicator of whether a ghost may inhabit an area is to look into the history of that building. It’s likely a spirit may dwell there if a person died there in an accident.

By: Frank Garza


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