Theatre’s performance of film lacks clarity

Theatre’s performance of film lacks clarity

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TAMUK Theature performed Stones in the Desert last week.
TAMUK Theature performed Stones in the Desert last week.

There are not enough words for what I have to say about this play. What I can say though is that I found it to be highly entertaining.

The Stones in the Desert was written and directed by Corey Ranson. There have only been a few actors in this play, but they managed to pull it off. While the scenery of the play stayed the same, it provided somewhat the focus point of the story. There have been a few drawbacks of the show, which I find disconcerting.

The plot of the film followed six immigrants named Raul, Maria, Lito, Jesus, Rita and Estella, who are trying to cross the dessert in hopes of reaching of America. Raul and Maria are a married couple that are hoping to start a life in America.

Lito is traveling with his grandson Jesus who hopes on becoming a writer. Rita and Estela are runaway slaves from the cartel. The setting of the play is depicted to be in desert borderlands of South Texas, and Ranson has the time setting of the play to be modern.

The characters Raul and Laura, portrayed by Nickolas Villarreal and Vanessa L. Valdez, are meant to be a married couple that are attempting to go to America and make a living.

While I do find the actors’ performances were more than adequate, I did not find their acting as husband and wife believable. In spite of that, Nickolas Villarreal’s portrayal of Raul was superb. While Vanessa Valdez did a fine job, I found her character to be somewhat lacking.

Aaron Salinas’ portrayal of Lito is one of the best performances. The character had many humorous lines that made the audience constantly laugh. Aaron did an excellent job in his role. It was impressive and amusing to see him pull off on portraying an old man.

Luis Aguilar’s character role, Jesus, was confusing. While his character’s desire to become a writer is understandable, the relationship between him and the rest of the characters seemed detached. The bond between him and Lito had multiple hysterical scenes.

I could not stop myself from laughing. However, I found it perplexing that he develops a romantic interest in Sabrina Vallejo’s role of Estela. The story of the show depicts them on being complete strangers to each other, but he fantasizes her meeting two days afterwards.

Jennifer Sanchez’s role as Rita seemed less significant compared to the others. Sanchez did a well enough job in her portrayal. The play however did not show her doing or saying enough. It would have been more beneficial if Ranson had the character do more.

The sound and the props of the play were well used. Alex Barona and Emmanuel Sanchez helped make the show more dramatic and thrilling. Cassandra Arguijo and Christina Suarez did an excellent job with the costumes. Corey Ranson’s directing was sufficient. The Stones in the Desert was well executed despite its drawbacks.