The Bottom Line: Javelinas played with pride

The Bottom Line: Javelinas played with pride

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There’s a difference between competing and being competitive.

That’s the point that Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletics and Campus Recreation Scott Gines stressed when he decided to make the ultimate call on the leadership of this struggling team.

People around the campus and the community have lost the faith they once had in this program. This season, without question, has to be the most trying times in the history of Javelina football.

It’s going to take a certain amount of will and determination to look the doubters in the face, to go eye-to-eye with the so-called haters to prove them wrong, but the Javelinas did that.

What I saw this past Saturday night on Homecoming was a far cry from what I had seen the previous weekend in Stephenville.

I saw a team that was going to fight tooth and nail until the last whistle. I saw a team that looked like it was fed up with all the negative attention surrounding them from this past week.

Most importantly, I saw a team that is willing to go to battle with each other and have each other’s backs when it came to dealing with adversity. That is the feeling of Javelina pride. That is what has been missing the past couple of weeks.

Although the team has been down this season, you see that fight and tenacity that will help this team grow in this time of transition.

No longer will this team take punches from opposing teams. They will punch those teams right back in the mouth and say lets get to the next play.

The score didn’t come out the way the team wanted it to, but it did show that this team is going to go toe-to-toe and give it their all for the football program.

When the wins aren’t rolling in, that’s all you can ask for. That’s what gets the fans and the crowd excited. They see the fight in the team and they immediately want to help the team with their relentless cheering.

It was evident this past game, as the crowd had the bleachers shaking for better or worse.

We saw the infamous tortillas descending from the top of Javelina Stadium. All of sudden, even for a few moments, all felt right for the night. It felt like a competitive football game for the first time in awhile.

That feeling has been missed; with four games to build on until the offseason and the 2015 season, this team has a chance to turn it around.

They can make some noise heading into next season with a couple of victories. It can be done. All this team has to do is believe in each other.

When it comes to it, being apart of team is like being apart of a giant family. No matter the struggles, they will have your back. This is what the team has to realize. I’m sure they have realized that more than ever these past few days.

James Espinosa
Sports Editor


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