Behind the scenes: stones in the desert…eterno

Behind the scenes: stones in the desert…eterno

Getting to play pretend has always been a fun experience, even if it was just playing cops and robbers as a kid.

Now, I get to do it as a hobby and hopefully professionally in my near future. Acting not only gives you an experience to learn about different people’s culture and habits by taking on different characters, but you learn a lot about yourself in the process.

With every new character comes along a whole new set of challenges, and the challenges are a little more steep in the theatre department’s upcoming Fall show Stones in The Desert…Eterno, written and directed by the department’s very own Corey Ranson.

In this area, we all have some sort of grasp on immigration, whether you have watched a story about it on the news, or maybe even you yourself or somebody you know is an immigrant.

Immigration has become a very hot-button topic and that is exactly where the show puts you. You follow the story of an immigrant couple, Raul and Maria, making their way through the dry South Texas desert, quite literally our backyard.

What they expect to be a quiet and hopefully lonely journey turns into a group excursion as they stumble upon an elderly man and his grandson, Lito and Jesus, and soon after a pair of lost young women, Rita and Estella, join the group, making it a less than anticipated journey for the couple, especially Raul.

As expected, a walk through the desert for an immigrant is not exactly a walk in the park. Without giving away too much, their journey is made even more difficult in an unimaginable way.

Lito is where I come in, an elderly Mexican immigrant traveling through the barren Texas desert with his grandson, not too far of a stretch from a Kingsville, but he does love tacos so we do share that similarity.

Each time I approach a new character, I try to find their driving force behind the play, what keeps them going through the conflicts of the play.

Of course rehearsal, gives us as actors an opportunity to do so, but with a character like Lito, it is a little more difficult.

This is could very well be an actual person going through this same ordeal and struggle and it is my job to depict them to the best of my ability.

Come check out all of the hard work that is being put into Stones in The Desert…Eterno, October 22-24 at 7:30 p.m. and the 26th at 2:30 p.m. in The Little Theatre.