Assistant SID takes job in Georgia

Assistant SID takes job in Georgia

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JC Gafford, former assistant sports information director of Texas A&M University-Kingsville, has accepted a head sports information director job in Augusta, Georgia at Paine College, which is art of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

Her last day was Oct. 1, 2014, and she will be starting her new job on Oct. 13, which will be Homecoming week for the Lions.

“I’m always looking for an opportunity to advance in athletics and this was a golden opportunity that just kind of fell into my lap. My name has been floating around the conference that I’m going to and the people there have been hearing good things about me so I started receiving phone calls and got the ball rolling and I’m ready for a new challenge,” Gafford said.

Gafford originally came to TAMUK from a historically black university, but she said it was a huge culture change she had to adjust to.

“Kingsville was definitely a challenge you know coming from a historically black university to TAMUK was definitely a culture change. I had to switch up how I worked, but it all worked out for the best,” she said.“I learned a lot while I was here in Kingsville so I’m just going to take what I have learned here and some things from people that I have met here and transition it into my new school.”

Another challenge at TAMUK was adjusting to the new SID, Kelvin Queliz, when Gafford was used to the way the old one did things.

“The transition was hard going from one SID to another because no 2 SIDs are exactly the same. So you have to learn what makes the SIDs you work under take if you are the assistant. With the previous SID he was a little more old school with the things that he did so I had to adapt to that,” she said.

But she found that she was able to adjust to the new SID very well, given that they had similar ideas.

“Working with (Kelvin) was a lot easier because we are about the same age so our mentalities are likely the same. Go hard, go fast, get it out and get done with it. That was it,” Gafford said.

Gafford said she would never forget her experiences at TAMUK, as they will help her prepare for her future.

“This was my first fall in Kingsville and to say it was interesting is to say the least about it. It was one of those things where I thought things would work and didn’t work but the things that would work would come into play,” Gafford said.