Gamers take time to create their own

Gamers take time to create their own

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Concept art of the first boss fight in Cavazos and his friends' game.
Concept art of the first boss fight in Cavazos and his friends’ game.

Most gamers will prefer to play the game. Fewer will put down the controller and try and create a game of their own.

Chris Cavazos, said he and his friends, Robert Perez, sophomore mechanical engineering major, and Spencer Cammer, mechanical engineering major, have been working on their project since March.

“Currently, it’s in the beginning state. We’ve got a little bit working, but we’re trying to polish up the story. Once we’ve finalized that, we’re start adding more levels,” Cavazos said.

The team has a working level, with basic graphics. Cavazos has already written several lines of GML script into the game engine, Gamemaker Professional.

“The reason we’re using it is because it’s fairly simple compared to making your own game engine. I haven’t gone through enough courses in the computer science major to understand that,” Cavazos said. “But we’re planning our second game to be on its own engine.”

Cavazos said the idea for the game came from when he, Perez and Cammer were walking through Martin Hall one morning when the doors were open and the chairs were put up. They though it looked like a completely different universe.

“We based the main world around Martin Hall because it was familiar with us, and it was something people can relate to,” Cavazos said.

They are also basing the story’s characters off people they’ve met in Martin Hall and people they know outside of school.

Cavazos and Perez said the Legend of Zelda games are a huge influence in their current game.

“We want it to be a narrative-based adventure game with a lot of puzzles. It’s not going to be easy. We don’t want it to be where you can just think about it for five minutes,” Cavazos said. “That’s actually been a challenge where we have to sit down and think of puzzles.”

Scheduling hasn’t been too much of an issue, but there have been days where they’ve had to take a step back because of school, Perez said.

“(Scheduling) hasn’t been really difficult, but it’s just getting off your rear end and working,” Perez said.

Perez handles a lot of the writing, which he said is a true challenge.

“Trying to get the story to be serious is the challenge. We don’t want to give too much, we don’t want to be too straightforward, we want them to be like, wow, I really played that,” Perez said.

Cavazos said the game is slated to be done by next summer. Once they have a working computer version, they’ll work to release one for the Xbox One.