The Bottom Line: Looking to the locals

The Bottom Line: Looking to the locals

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Last weekend was a hard fought game that saw our guys come away with another defeat.

This defeat is significant simply because the team that was picked to finish last place took our team out and dominated in all phases of the ball.

It’s difficult to point out exactly what is wrong with this 2014 football team because quite frankly this looks just like last year’s team that ended up finishing 2-8 on the season.

In the past two-years the Javelinas are a combined 3-12, with a 0-8 LSC record. A far cry from what this program used to be.

I’m not talking about the Bo Atterberry era.

Those years had minimal success in comparison to the Richard Cundiff, Ron Harms and of course the Gil Steinke era’s, respectively.

What’s it going to take for this program to break out of the slump it is currently in? Maybe better recruiting. Maybe, just maybe we can recruit local talent and not let it slip away from underneath our noses.

Just a couple of examples: Dustin was a standout player for the Calallen Wildcats in his high school days about 30 minutes up the road from us.

If you can land a guy like that, who knows what he would have done to our passing record books.

All I know is that he crushed us every single time he had to opportunity to line up under center against us.

Landing a local kid like that from the area can go along way in drawing in other potential recruits from the area.

South Texas is a talented area when it comes to football that often gets overlooked and shadowed by the big cities.

Another example is this past weekend; McMurry had twin brothers on the offensive side of the ball.

Matthew and David McHugh, both from Ingleside, both overlooked by this program.

These guys played a big hand in the Javelinas defeat last weekend.

Matthew the quarterback torched the Hogs going 17-30 for 202 yards with three touchdowns.

David, who played receiver and punted caught two crucial passes and converted on a huge fake punt, which led to one of McMurry’s touchdowns.

He also pinned the Javelina offense inside the 20-yard line five times.

The effort to land the area talent needs to be picked up to say the least, allowing these guys to leave the area to eventually hurt you in a conference game must be demoralizing.

Yes, the staff did recruit Travis Quintanilla who is currently red shirted so only time will tell the career that he will have.

The program needs a lift; the program needs to step things up.

Making the LSC playoff is still not impossible.

It’s going to take a completely different team than what we have seen the past couple weeks to get it done if they want to better last season’s record, if not I guess more records will be broken by the end of the season.

James Espinosa
Sports Editor


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