Curtain Call

Curtain Call

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Anya Pena
Anya Pena

Sitting in the green room in the Drama/Speech building at TAMUK, you hear the jingling of keys. You automatically think the janitor is in the hallway or even Corey Ranson, assistant professor and Director of Theatre Activities, making his way towards the theatre stage.

But you’re wrong. It is Anya Pena – an unmanageable, frilly haired woman with a Celtic knot tattoo on her outer thigh on her left leg. She always carries her keys on the belt loops of her shorts or pants depending on what she is wearing. You don’t even have to look up to know that it is Anya.

The lone survivor of the Theatre Arts major offered at TAMUK hopes to graduate in the Fall of 2015. She also hopes to land an internship at a local high school to further her experience before graduation.

She is the last remnant of the Theatre Arts major that was once offered at TAMUK, and she hopes to graduate in Fall 2015. She hopes to land an internship at a local high school to further her experience before graduation. But she has a lot on her plate to keep her focused on her college career.

Current President of Alpha Psi Omega, Anya has her mind set on many things to help promote APO. As she walks, you can always tell that something is on her mind. This something enables her to create new ideas that will get the name Alpha Psi Omega out there across campus.

“It is easy for me to talk to people when it comes to recruiting for APO. While in the green room awaiting class or rehearsal for a play, I can usually start up a conversation with someone who is in there.”

Born in Oceanside, Cal. at Camp Pendleton and raised in Brookshire, Texas, Anya is nothing but tough. Coming from a tough situation at home, Anya is enjoying being here at TAMUK as a full time student. Having taking 16 hours and now juggling a job along with being the APO president, Anya has her hands full every day and night.

Anya is the last student who will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

The program was discontinued by the State of Texas. Now, students can only graduate with a Communications major with an emphasis in Theatre. There is however, a Theatre minor that is still being offered for students.

“It is a bit lonely being the last theatre major. The people who are involved with Theatre here on campus all have different majors. Most of them are minors but that is nowhere near the same,” she said.

With the upcoming Rush Week for Alpha Psi Omega, she is busy creating posters, determining what to tell the upcoming prospects, and to promote upcoming shows.

The shows for the 2014-2015 Theatre season are Stones in the Desert…Eterno, Bug, Medea by Euripides, and Psycho Beach Party. There will also be the Annual Children’s Show and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat the musical. Jingling the whole way, Anya is her way to the theatre to help out with designing and building sets for the upcoming plays.

“As far as upcoming shows, Alpha Psi always gets involved in some way, shape, or form. We are either acting in the shows, running tech, or building the sets”, she said.

Anya has been a student at TAMUK since Fall 2011. This is where she wants to pursue her dream career; to live a life of theatre by teaching it to other theatre lovers in high school. Anya hopes to complete her teaching certification within this year.

“I am so excited about being a teacher! On Friday, Sept. 12 I will teach my first lesson to fellow peers within my class here on campus. Words cannot describe how excited I am!”