Javelina stadium nears completion

Javelina stadium nears completion

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The bleachers at Javelina Stadium
The bleachers at Javelina Stadium  

When it rains, it pours.

Unfortunately for Javelina Stadium, renovations took longer than expected due to setback after setback.

As the work crew raced against the clock to finish in time for the first Javelina game, rain and other setbacks delayed the completion.

The seats were not ready as promised but the stadium renovations are now about 95 percent complete and described as “very usable” by Ralph Stephens, associate vice president of support services.

“The weather set us back tremendously,” Stephens said. “The crew had to work in between rainstorms since electrical wrenches were used to fasten the seats.”

Stephens said the project was also delayed because of missing materials manufactures did not deliver and materials that did not operate correctly had to be returned.

Some materials such as riser planking had to be special ordered since the original design had to be changed, he said.

Stephens said the design left insufficient headspace above the wheelchair ramps so they went back, measured and the engineer made changes to his design. He said the new design seemed to be a better fit than the first plan.

“If we hadn’t finished the lights when we did, the project would have been delayed further,” Stephens said.

The new lights allowed the crew to see their work since most of the work was done in the evening.

Despite the long construction period, the renovations brought a brighter look to the football field.

“We are required to have 90 foot candles and before the renovations, we had only 47. Now we have 105 foot candles,” he said.

With the bigger number of foot candles, which is how light intensity is measured, photos and video of the field is much clearer, Stephens said.

The renovations are said to be 100 percent complete by this week.

“With all the setbacks we faced, I think we did a great job of working around the obstacles,” he said.