No money more problems

No money more problems

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I have been at TAMUK now for two years and every semester the same issues arise and they all have to do with the same thing: money.

For some reason the only money the school makes a top priority is what is owed to them, so things like refund checks have already been on the back burner. But this year is different. Things went a little too far when Higher One became involved.

In previous years, I would receive my refund either the week before or the week of school, which was convenient because it gave me the opportunity to pay my rent for the semester and budget the money that I needed for the fall. This year was different because of the third party that stood in the way of my money and me.

I have nothing against the school looking for other options to make the distribution of money easier or more efficient, but if that’s the goal, then that’s what needs to be done.

I waited for two weeks to receive my money because the card for Higher One was sent to my New York address so I had to wait for a new one to be sent to my local Kingsville address and by that time my rent was weeks late, and I was unable to buy my books before my first test.

As I walked around the campus this past week, I heard numerous students talking about how they just received their refunds and their Higher One cards and I was shocked because I didn’t realize how many students really depend on their refunds to survive for the semester.

If this money is so important to the survival of students, then it should be better managed and I feel like students should choose how they want to receive their refund and should not be forced to use Higher One if it doesn’t benefit them.

I love everything Hoggie but there should be some more research into programs like Higher One before it is made mandatory for everyone.

Dasheen Ellis
News Editor


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