Theatre show cancelled

Theatre show cancelled

Broadway in the Brush, the theatre’s annual show, was cancelled this year due to a lack of able people.

The show, which functions as a fundraiser for the theatre group, is an event both students and people from the Kingsville community can attend.

“In the past the show has been very successful, but this year it was cancelled due to many of the students leaving for the summer and me being busy in Corpus Christi directing another show,” said Corey Ranson, Director of Theatre. “Without students involved, it is really hard to get the show going.”

Broadway in the Brush was set for August. During the show, people would be able to donate items for auction.

These events are important because it brings not only the students together but also the community of Kingsville as a whole, Ranson said.

It’s also a good opportunity for students from the music department to sing or play an instrument and perform in front of the crowd since during the semester these students are always busy, Ranson said.

“Some students really wanted to be part of this show, but what happened just goes to prove that you cannot accomplish a theatre production with just a few people,” Ranson said. “It also depends on the size of the production and on the time needed to accomplish this.”

The more people there are, the less stressful the production process will be. Although they probably could’ve done it with four people, it’s not just about them; they want to include as many students as possible, Ranson said.