Electronic Dance Music Hits Kingsville

Electronic Dance Music Hits Kingsville

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EDM FlyerBright strobe lights and electronic dance music (EDM) will fill the room at Pure Platinum on Sept. 5 at 7 p.m.

Jasey Limon and Alex Fuentez, also known as ‘Reign,’ have decided to put on their second Breaking Ground EDM Rave show for all EDM fans in Kingsville.

“Kingsville doesn’t really have an electronic scene and those that are into the scene usually don’t know each other. Breaking Ground is a chance to bridge these people together that have a love for electronic music,” Limon said.

Limon and Fuentez are DJs for the student-run radio station on campus, KTAI, but they’ve become DJs outside the Manning Hall studio and immersed themselves in the world of EDM.

In January 2013, Limon and Fuentez had their first EDM Rave at Pure Platinum Gym but expect that this time around, things will only get bigger and better.

“Last year it was an amazing show but I feel that promotion before the event could’ve been better. Only about 60 people came to the show but it was still a good crowd,” Fuentez said. “I think it will go great this year because of so much effort we’ve been putting into promoting, handing out flyers daily.”

Limon and Fuentez put the entire event together using money out of their own pockets with the help of sponsors such as Pure Platinum Gym. They’ve also found talent for the event, branching out for DJs outside of Kingsville.

“Having limited resources in Kingsville, we had to extend our search for not only for DJs but equipment from the (Rio Grande Valley) to Austin,” Limon said. “We have 7 different DJs and producers coming from Austin, San Antonio, the RGV, Houston, Corpus, and Kingsville.”

Their primary goal is wanting everyone to have a great time and bring more EDM to Kingsville, Fuentez said.

“Everyone should expect that Breaking Ground is the first of many electronic events to happen in Kingsville,” Limon said.

Tracey Hernandez
Entertainment Editor