Stadium Seats are Still Under Construction

Stadium Seats are Still Under Construction

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The Javelina Stadium is still undergoing construction days before TAMUK Javelinas first home game.
The Javelina Stadium is still undergoing construction days before TAMUK Javelinas first home game.

There’s no need to worry about falling out of your seat this year.

Javelina Stadium is undergoing renovations to meet inspection regulations after a man fell from the stands last football season during a high school playoff game.

Newer seats are appealing to attendees, but the construction seems to have a long way to go even though the stadium will host the Javelina’s first home game on Sept. 6.

Ralph Stephens, associate vice president of support services, said the construction began around June and has experienced many setbacks.

“It has been a very challenging project from the beginning,” Stephens said.

“Manufacturers did not deliver the material on time like they were supposed to and not all materials were received,” he said.

Besides the seats, the restrooms and lighting are also being renovated for the new season.

“We hope to have everything suitable for our patrons by the first game,” Stephens said.

The lights on the west side of the stadium are operating and the east should be ready by the day of the game, he said.

As for the bathrooms, remodeling them included digging up the sanitary drainage lines, which was also delayed since equipment could not fit in the area.

The construction also experienced unexpected obstacles.

“We found we were digging into the main waterline. That was another delay,” Stephens said.

Stephens said stadium renovations will be about 90 percent complete by the first game but 100 percent complete by the next game.

With the recent weather, Stephen said there is a concern with the status of construction.

“The work is being done using electric wrenches so if it rains, that will be a set back. It’s also dangerous to climb on the steel. We are hoping it is done in time,” he said.

Ruben Cantu, Javelina athletic director, refused to comment on the status of the construction and incident that occurred. “All I can say is that the stands will be ready,” Cantu said.

Details about the incident could not be disclosed due to legal reasons.