Tallant Reveals Plans for Steinke Statue Dedication

Tallant Reveals Plans for Steinke Statue Dedication

After announcing the decision of placing the Steinke statue on campus, TAMUK President, Dr. Steven Tallant revealed the plans for the statue’s dedication. 

The statue’s new home at the Javelina Stadium is underway and is due for completion by the start of football season. A dedication ceremony will take place at 10:30 a.m. on Sept. 5 at the football stadium, consisting of speakers speakers from Steinke’s family and TAMUK faculty and students.

Tallant said he plans to bring in a football player from Steinke’s coaching days and a member from the Texas A&I Alumni Association. The purpose of the dedication is to show people why the statue was made in Steinke’s honor.

A luncheon will follow the dedication. The Javelina Hall of Fame banquet  also falls on that day so Tallant expects a large crowd.

“This man was a remarkable coach as he was nationally known for what he did. We want to address why folks paid to get the statue done and its significance,” he said. “This is about Javelina history and a man that served this university. He symbolizes everything that is good about this university,” Tallant said.

Tallant said the work is on schedule, but plans may change as the date approaches.