Who is the bad witch in town?

Who is the bad witch in town?

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Voodoo and witchcraft never looked so glamorous. Unless you have been living under a rock, on Wednesdays we wear

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This season, American Horror Story:

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Coven has left out most of the horror but kept the creepy twists and the “WTF” moments the writers are famous for.

In past seasons, director and writer Ryan Murphy has been good about starring characters that are based on real and legendary figures, such as The Black Dalia (season one) and a Nellie Bly inspired reporter (season 2).

However, this season Murphy gave the historical characters bigger roles throughout the season that were played by legendary actresses Angela Basset and Kathy Bates. Among the historical characters there is Marie Laveau, a voodoo queen that is said to reign over New Orleans; Marie Delphine Lalaurie, the nation’s first female serial killer that terribly tortured and killed slaves in the early nineteenth century; and the Axeman, a New Orleans-based serial killer whose love for jazz music spawned him his nickname.

History meets the present at Miss Robichaux’s Academy For Exceptional Young Ladies where witches start exploring the craft and growing stronger, as their Supreme (the queen of the witches) is getting weaker.

If you are an avid fan of the AHS series, it is easy to say that season three is the most female-driven, thus far. To say it is feminist or anti-feminist or liberating would be inaccurate; yes, these young women have supernatural powers. However, that does not make them any less susceptible to having issues than the average person.

For example, Fiona used her Supreme power to get everything she ever wanted in her life. With power comes great responsibility, but Fiona never used her power to do good for her coven, so it’s not surprising that we all find out (along with Fiona) that she does not have a soul, literally, from all the bad (BAD!) things she had done.

Another prime example would be racism. As much as people would like to associate modern times with modern beliefs, AHS reiterates that ignorance is blinding and immortal.

Marie Delphine LaLaurie, cursed with immortality by Marie Laveau, keeps her burning hatred for African-Americans alive, even though she develops a quiet friendship with Queenie, the African-American voodoo doll-powered witch. LaLaurie continues her feud with Laveau, even with the knowledge that Laveau is not someone to be reckoned with. Queenie gives LaLaurie a chance at redemption, to which LaLaurie replies with, “I won’t profess to be sorry because I’m not.”

Needless to say, Queenie happily stabs LaLaurie in the heart, finally instilling justice for her descendants.

Amongst these issues and nacrophiliactic romances, the season flowed with members of the coven fighting for

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the role of being the next Supreme.
Probably the coolest and most annoying attribute of this season was the ability to kill off a character and bring them back to life at any time.

The power of resurgence, even outside of the AHS series, has always been seen as either the ultimate divine power or part of a sinister agenda.

Characters die and come back to life so frequently that the wow factor is completely missing, and is instead expected, something a TV series should not want their viewers to feel.

Overall, the creepy factor of this season is that no matter how big or small the character thought their sins were, it was repaid to them tenfold at the end of their mortal lives because of how they spent their years on Earth.

It did not matter if the person did more good than evil; the fact that the character had still done bad a few times in their life outweighed the good. Papa Legba, voodoo gatekeeper of the spirit world, tells a surprised Laveau that “Eventually…everybody pays and everyone suffers.”

Ismael Perez
Features Editor