Not everything in life has to be complicated

Not everything in life has to be complicated

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Something complicated can be easy to figure out. The assignment was simple: walk around and see what people do. The students in the geology lab made their way outside and wrote notes about what they saw. I immediately picked up different personalities from little details like articles of clothing people were wearing. I saw what people were thinking from the body language they let out to the world. Some were confident and others were self-conscience. However, my save-the-world geology class assignment popped back into my head. I saw those different personalities walking to class, but none of them bothered to pick up a simple piece of trash. I saw the teacher’s assistant write notes intensively and I thought there was more to the

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assignment. Suddenly I remembered the spotlight effect, which is the tendency to think that more people notice something about you than they do. So I found out my scientific question. Why do people not pick up a simple paper on the floor? What do people think will happen when they pick up trash and how do they think their status in society will be affected by doing a nice gesture? When we got back to class, the teacher’s assistant grabbed a piece of paper, crumbled it up and threw it to the floor. He asked the class what was similar to what he had done and what happened outside. A girl answered, “You didn’t pick up the trash.” I secretly mocked her answer and smirked feeling superior. “Right,” the teacher’s assistant had said, praising her (and not me) and moving on to the next topic. What the hell? In a matter of seconds, I felt like the dumbest person in class. However, I learned something that was beyond the syllabus and I applied it to life. Whether it is an Einstein equation or Michelangelo painting, someone can explain it in the simplest of terms. When you deeply analyze a relationship that just didn’t work out, the answer can simply be because he/she is just not that into you.

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