Javabite with Chef Dash: Baconation

Javabite with Chef Dash: Baconation

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We have entered a new year and while many people want to be healthy, I want to do the total opposite and indulge myself in things that just taste good. When I think of the one thing that always tastes delicious no matter what, I just think of bacon.

Some people like their bacon super crispy but I like mine firm but still tender. I like the meaty part to be slightly crisp but the fat to be firm and rich. The contrast between that salty-ness and the richness can only come from good bacon. There has to be a good balance of fat to meat, no one wants to eat salted lard, or do they?

Though it is delicious on its own, bacon can be paired with nearly anything to make it better. You really can’t go wrong. I’ve had it in all different shapes and forms and it is always amazing. A natural pairing would be other pork products. The addition of bacon will only enhance the pork flavor and make the dish better.

Bacon wrapped shrimp or even filet mignons are elevated with the addition of bacon, but my favorite thing to do is to render bacon fat when I’m making a stew or a soup because that way I have a mild bacon flavor running all through my dish. And the crispy bacon bits that are leftover can be either a garnish if you are trying to impress someone or just a snack as you go along. Either way works, though I prefer the snack.

Bacon has gotten a bad wrap sheet in the past because it is high in sodium and cholesterol, but there are other options like turkey bacon or even Canadian bacon which has more of a ham taste and is used in Eggs Benedict. Moderation is key, no one needs to sit and eat a whole pound of bacon (though I gladly would).

Enjoy some bacon every so often.




Bacon (thick cut)



1. Place the bacon in a pan, and turn the fire on low.

2. The bacon will eventually begin to sizzle and look pale; you will see liquid fat developing through out the pan. This is good, that is the fat that will flavor your dish.

3. As the bacon continues to render the color will deepen. When it is the color that you desire you can remove the bacon from the pan and drain on paper towels or you can leave it in the pan for added flavor. The fat that is left over can then be used as oil or butter.


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