Sistine Ceiling Aiming for Victory at “Battle of the Bands”

Sistine Ceiling Aiming for Victory at “Battle of the Bands”

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Sistine Ceiling will be performing to declare themselves finalists at the Battle of the Bands competition, hosted by the Music Department of Del Mar College, Thursday night at 9:45 p.m. at the House of Rock of Corpus Christi.

“This event raises funds to support the band program of DMC,” said Yvonne Rodriguez, office assistant with the Music Department at DMC.

Stacy Vasquez, drummer and animal science major, formed Sistine Ceiling in 2010. Current members are Vasquez, Carlos Gonzales, bassist and political science and history major, Alex Maldonado, guitarist and biology major, Nick Harper, lead singer and major at Coastal Bend College and the newest addition Ryan Drum, biology major at AMK, who plays samples at the live shows.

In March, the band started working as a four-piece band and composing new songs. Sistine Ceiling recently entered and won a “Battle of the Bands” at Zero’s Hard Rock Club in Corpus Christi. The band also put on a lively show at The Office in Kingsville last month. Over a hundred people were in attendance to show their support.

Bands performing at the Battle of the Bands this Thursday will be competing to make it to finals on October 21 to win a three-song studio recording session, $400 and a chance to either have their own show at the House of Rock or open for a major touring act at House of Rock or Concrete Street. The bands will be judged on musicianship, showmanship, and audience participation.

Sistine Ceiling is currently in the recording process and Maldonado said that this has become his form of practicing for Battle of the Bands.

“The recording process pretty much forces us individually to get our part down. None of us are professionals to where we can just record everything in one take. I think it’s through the recording process that we’re getting a lot of practice because, at least to our own ears, it has to be perfect in our own way even if it’s not technically perfect,” said Maldonado.

For Harper, concentrating on the music can only be achieved after everything else is taken care of.

“I have to be empty when it comes to other things going on in my life. I’m concentrating by getting ahead in my studies at school,” said Harper. “Preparation is basically taking care of other things before the actual event happens.”

Vasquez on the other hand, said that for him it’s more about the bond he maintains with the members of the band. His preparation comes from jamming acoustically when it spontaneously happens while hanging out with his friends/band mates.

“There’s those late nights where we’re just hanging out here just as friends and Alex will bust out the acoustic and I’ll play something on the djembe and that’s a form of practice,” said Vasquez. “We just play and we’ll practice the song Alex will play acoustically and I’ll grab the djembe. It will still be true to the song, it’s just a different take on it and you can pull something from that.”

House of Rock will open its doors at 7:30 p.m. and the music starts at 8 p.m. Admission is $5 dollars at the door. However, Sistine Ceiling does have a limited amount of pre-sale tickets $3. For those interested in purchasing these tickets, contact them via Facebook.

By: Leslie Villeda