Bart Crow rocked at Jav-A-Pachanga

Bart Crow rocked at Jav-A-Pachanga

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Bart Crow and his crew performed at last Friday’s Jav-A-Pachanga, showing TAMUK their “Texas-based American music.” Contributed Photo

With a night of “Texas-based American music” by the Bart Crow band and the warmth of a giant bonfire, Texas A&M-University Kingsville (TAMUK) students had a chance to kindle their Javelina spirit for the big Homecoming game the following day.

Students were able to go to Mesquite Grove for a night of

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fun and entertainment at last Thursday’s Jav-A-Pachanga at 8 p.m. Before the performance, Crow said he hoped the students would be able to have a blast with the concert.

“We [were] excited to be [there]. We’re glad that they invited us down,” Crow said. “We’ve been getting a lot of hits on our social media about the kids being excited about it, so it’s always nice to be wanted and not have the, ‘Oh god, this band’s here…’”

Crow said it wasn’t the first time that the band has been in the area, as they’ve performed in Kingsville and Corpus Christi before. But it was their first time performing at the campus.

Lt. Hiram Perez of the University Police Department estimated there was between 500 and 600 students at the event. Perez said Homecoming is a great time for everyone to bond and have some fun.

“You get a whole bunch of your old friends, old alumni; it’s just a big together and everyone is having a good time and that’s the best thing about homecoming weekend,” Perez said.

It’s one of the most important traditions at the university and a way to come out and show your support for the football team, said Eedrik Almazan, junior kinesiology major.

“Once people look at the fire, you just get that feeling of Javelina pride in you. [The event was] going really great,” Almazan said. “The band [was] great, the songs [were] great and everyone [was] dancing and having a good time. That’s what we need here.”

Jessie Nicole Luna, sophomore criminology major, said the bonfire was a great time and is something every college student should experience at least once.

“It’s a chance to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. It’s a good way to spend time and have fun with your friends,” Luna said.

“I hope we [did] a good job [last Friday] and [made] you guys proud and the Javelinas proud and we [gave] a little bit of what we do back to you guys that way when we come back down to town or neighboring towns, we can hope to see some more faces,” Crow said.