City of Kingsville to block street parking in residential areas

City of Kingsville to block street parking in residential areas

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by Crystal Guerra

Street map around campus

The City of Kingsville is now placing “No Parking” signs outside of campus where most Kingsville residents reside. There have been several complaints from homeowners about students parking outside of their property.

“We waited almost a year for the city to post signs up,” says Lt. Hiram Perez of the University Police Department (UPD). “Many violators are students without parking permits.”

“It’s a safety issue, simply because traffic can’t flow right,” said Perez. “It’s meant to flow east to west and west to east, but due to parking on residential streets it’s now becoming a safety hazard.”

Texas A&M University- Kingsville Police Department will assist city police on issuing warnings and tickets to violators.

An electronic sign is already posted at the end of Armstrong Street and Corral Street stating “No Parking On Corral.” UPD borrowed the sign from the city so students and faculty can take notice that there is no parking on Corral Street ever again.

Since the parking change, there have been questions about parking during game days along with tailgating parking. “Tailgaters can park along Armstrong until we’re told differently then we’re going to allow them to park there, simply because the road is a lot wider rather than the residential areas” said Perez. As for game day parking, students can park on lot G, lot F, Ave C (on campus) and the fee is $5.

As for tomorrow’s home game against Lindenood, if you are caught parked along the restricted areas you will get a warning. However after tomorrow’s game and for future reference the city police along with UPD will be issuing tickets and even an option of towing to parking violators. “Tickets range from $20-$50. If you are parked along a driveway, a sidewalk, a red curb or a no parking zone you will be cited a $30. If you are parked in an alleyway, the ticket will be $50” says Lt. Perez.

So to be on the safe side buying a parking permit is worth it and can save you the hassle. For parking permits for commuter, residence, faculty staff or motorcycles are $70. Reserved/ Administration is $200. Perimeter parking permit, which is the outer areas on campus, are $30 and visitor-parking permit is $5.

Editor in Chief of the South Texan at Texas A&M University - Kingsville