Inspiring fashionistas make it work

Inspiring fashionistas make it work

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Jorvis McGee and Amy Cantu stut their stuff with their chosen ensembles from the racks of the local Goodwill. Photo by Monica Lopez

The air was full of energy and fashion sense as stylists from Texas A&M University – Kingsville (TAMUK) searched for outfits to fit their models  for the second annual Goodwill Fashion Showcase at the Goodwill store off U.S. 77 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Oct. 5.

The event was sponsored by the Fashion and Interior Merchandizing Group (FIMG), Office of Sustainability and Sigma Chi. The showcase challenged stylists – students and faculty from TAMUK – to create looks for a male and female model with clothes in the Goodwill store in Kingsville.

The stylists had 45 minutes to complete their looks and get their models down the runway in a fashionable manner.

”We want to promote fashionable but sustainable lifestyle,” said Cyndi Garcia, FIMG Historian and MC for the event.

The stylists included Leslie Currie (School of Pharmacy), Jeanette Banda  (FIMG Active Member), Deborah Quintanilla (Senior – Communications and Science Disorders), Trevor Gonzalez (Sigma Chi), Rachel Garza (School of Pharmacy) and Bree Gonzales (Earth Sciences Professor).

The judges were Dr. Seungbong Ko, Fashion & Interior Merchandizing Professor, Kassandra Canales, 2012 Homecoming Queen and Jo-Ana Medrano, 2013 Miss TAMUK.

After seeing the models down the runway, the judges tallied up their scores and started the Q&A part of the competition.

“All the models looked stunning in their outfits and encouraged shoppers to buy the outfits that were on the models,” said Jacob Gutierrez, president of FIMG.

“This fashion show proves fashion is recyclable,” he said. “You don’t have to throw things out because you can always borrow from friends and keep fashion forever trending.”

Edna Trevino, Vice-President of FMIG “The whole point of the event was sustainability. It was a good opportunity to reach out to the community and the students of TAMUK. A lot of people think, ‘Oh, it’s Goodwill. I don’t want to shop there,’ when little do they know they have a lot of different looks,” said Edna Trevino, Vice-President of FMIG.

“As we saw with the show you can make anything out of what they have here. Donating is a great thing to do as well,” she said.

Gonzales won the competition, answering the question, “How is your style related to sustainability?”

“We have a lot of young professors at our university and you can’t tell since they tend to blend in,” she said.

“What I was looking for was clothing that is used. We can take this used clothing and we can turn it into something young and hip for professors,” Gonzales said. “You don’t want to see a professor walking around in a short skirt or torn jeans so why not go to Goodwill, check out the used clothing that you can dress up with and be professional. With my models, they are professors by day but they can be outgoing at night when they let their hair down or take off their glasses.”

Gonzales’ models were Jorvis McGee (Sigma Chi) and Amy Cantu (FIMG). This was the second time Jorvis McGee has won first place at the Goodwill fashion show.

The prize for winning was a $50 gift card and the judges and assistant stylists were given gifts as well.

“Without the faculty stylists and Sigma Chi, this event wouldn’t have been possible,” Gutierrez said.