Javelina Futbol Club aims at future goals: Women’s soccer club at TAMUK...

Javelina Futbol Club aims at future goals: Women’s soccer club at TAMUK looks to grow with experience

Javelina Futbol Soccer practicing at the intramural field. Photo by James Espinosa

Hearts race and endurance is pushed as a school organization meets under the stadium lights of the intramural field.

Improving on footwork, defensive and offensive skills are some of the goals they aim for after every gathering.

The Javelina Futbol Club (JFC) is an organization at Texas A&M University – Kingsville (TAMUK); the organization has been promoting soccer and good sportsmanship on campus for over a year.

“What I enjoy the most about being in the team is having the opportunity to be around people that share the same passion as I do and getting a chance at making history at TAMUK,” said Ana Guzman, communications major.

Other than being an organization, the all-female members compete as a soccer team against other university soccer clubs in the Texas Collegiate Soccer League.

After a day of books and lectures, they head to practice at the intramural fields. The team practices everyday from 6 to 8 in the evening.

“Some girls don’t show up because of classes, homework or other school related activities,” said Amairani Ramirez, sports business major and president of the Javelina Futbol Club.

The club consists of students with diverse areas of studies, which leads to their schedules not aligning with each other.

Practices are offered everyday due to the different schedules the girls have.

“We are new and haven’t practiced as much together but we are getting better and getting along more,” Ramirez said.

The University of Texas (UT), University of Texas Pan American (UTPA), and Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi (TAMUCC) are some of the university soccer clubs JFC play against.

JFC is a young club and other university teams have an advantage because they have more years of experience, better facilities and equipment.

The team is lead by a TAMUK student that looks forward to a coaching career.

“About six months ago, I received my USSF (U.S. Soccer Federation) E License and have been looking for the right team to start off my coaching career,” said Arez Ardalani, architectural engineering major and coach of the Javelina Futbol Club. “I heard the women’s soccer club needed a coach and here we are today.”

The girls are doing very well and are in the process of becoming stronger players, Ardalani said.

The soccer team’s ultimate goal is to become an experienced program so they can improve with their hard work and dedication.“A lot of perks come out of that, such as having equipment… and getting a better soccer facility,” Ardalini said.

It has been proven that university soccer clubs do have an influence when it comes to bringing a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) soccer team to its school.

“For example, UTPA Women’s Soccer Club pushed the higher ups to create a soccer program and now they will field a women’s team in 2014 and a men’s team 2015,” Ardalani said. “Hopefully, we will have similar luck.”

As afore mentioned, the Javelina Futbol Club is a soccer team and an organization. Paperwork has a huge influence on scheduling matches and keeps the club going.

The president has the roles of recruiting girls for the team, signing people to leagues in order for them to complete, getting papers in for the school organization and also trying to keep and make the women’s soccer club.

Like most organizations, their goal is to make a difference and have fun while doing it.

“We try to practice on mistakes we do on previous games,” Ramirez said. “Besides everything, we just have fun playing and practicing.”

Many hopes and aspirations keep the young team motivated to succeed. But the love for the game is not forgotten.

“I think students should be aware of the Javelina Futbol Club because I want people to know how hard we work and it helps women’s soccer get more attention,” Guzman said.




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