Knocking down Greek life stereotypes

Knocking down Greek life stereotypes

“Why should I have to pay for friends?”

I never thought I’d hear that about a sorority. You have to pay to be in it? It’s just one reason that I am hesitant to join one.

I’ve always envisioned them as blonde, stuck up, party animals, and that sorority sisters only date fraternity brothers.

That is just a stereotype though.

It is just the picture that TV shows and movies have built in our heads about Greek life.

Some are good and some are bad, but why? In reality, only half of these assumptions are true.

In my research to joining a sorority, I have found out that they actually do a lot for our school and community.

They improve their surroundings in everything from the Bigger Event to helping at nursing homes and animal shelters.

They take time out of their busy schedules to help the community even with the smallest gestures. How are they able to do all these things to benefit the community?

That is where the fees come in. It all takes money.

You aren’t really paying for friends, you are paying to keep the events and community services going.

Let’s face it, money does make the world go round.

They do good things, check.

How about the stereotype of sorority girls just being stuck up blondes?

The Greeks at TAMUK are very nice and welcome any hair color, race, classification.

Non-judgmental, check.

What about the partying?

Well, no one is going to complain about that. School is stressful and being social is part of the college experience. I’m not saying go get wasted every weekend, but have fun.  It is supposed to be the best years of your life, so make it happen.

So I have come to the conclusion that joining the Greek life wouldn’t be so bad, and TAMUK sororities and fraternities aren’t the stereotype…at least not in the bad way.

They do have a good time and they are about being brothers and sisters for life, being social and having a good time while they are in college.

If you have the time and you are tired of being stuck in your dorm on the weekends and are still brand new to TAMUK, you should consider joining.

I would do it if I wasn’t an editor for The South Texan writing you these stories.

I now leave you with this, you can love them or hate them but they do great things for our school.


Tracey Hernandez
Entertainment Editor


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