New voice to represent tamuk student body

New voice to represent tamuk student body

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The year was 1925 when the Student Government Association (SGA) first pounded the gavel against the hard wooden block to discuss issues for the students, by the students.
Eighty-eight years later, newly

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elected SGA president, Chelsea Nkrumah, is ready to be the voice of the student body.
“I’m a little nervous about messing up or saying something wrong,” Nkrumah laughs. “But I’m confident in my abilities and once we get into the swing of things, my nerves will die down.”
Double majoring

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in History and Political Science, Nkrumah was elected back in May and has been a devoted member of SGA for over three years.
“When I started going to meetings, I noticed that the organization is all about finding an avenue to help out students and creating a better atmosphere on this campus for them,” Nkrumah said.
From once representing the first years of Texas A&I to the present-day TAMUK, SGA has grown throughout each session, but their objective is the same.
“We are here to represent the students on important issues brought up by university faculty and administration as well as bringing up student issues to our university faculty and administration,” said Brittany Ambriz, Vice President of SGA.
With issues changing over time and improved relationships with school administrators, student senators today are working with a completely different system than past senators did many years ago.
“As with an organization, it needs to be dynamic so it stays relevant to the current time and the current students,” Dean of Students and SGA advisor, Kirsten Compary said.
Most students are unaware of the resources SGA senators can provide them with as well as how to come to them with a problem.
“We are the bridge between the students and the administrators and now, we work a lot better,” Nkrumah said, comparing the organization then and now. “It’s like a well oiled machine to where they come straight to us with an issue and we know who to direct them to.”
SGA is looking to have the student senators promote the organization more and become recognizable to students so when it comes to re-election, students are aware of who is representing them.
“We are here to listen to their concerns, suggestions, and new ideas and take the appropriate actions,” Ambriz said. “We have been elected into office by our peers, to represent those same peers, so it is important for students to be aware of what their representatives are saying and voting on during our meetings.”
Every Wednesday at 8 p.m., these students take their positions as SGA members seriously to provide their fellow classmates with that college experience they have always wanted.
Whether it is 1925 or 2013, what they work for has always been the same.
“Never, ever think that you’re a hindrance or taking up our time because that’s why we are here,” Nkrumah said. “We are here for you. That’s our job.”