Kingsville Fall Fashion

Kingsville Fall Fashion

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“Fall in Kingsville? And right now,” these were the words of puzzled faces of the many students on the Texas A&M University-Kingsville campus last week.

Fall started Sept. 23 of this year, but students did .

“It’s still summer,” said student Kevin Zarate, an English major.

“Winter time is the only time I really follow trends, but I go by the weather, and it’s hot,” he said as Kingsville endured another 100-degree day last Wednesday.

Weather is a big factor here in Kingsville that stops students from being those fashionistas they truly are. In fall fashion the classic pieces are: cardigans, blazers, white button up shirts, kaki pants, leather boots, pant suits, etc. Fall has a lot to offer, but not when it is super hot, so how can a fashionistas bring out his/her fall collection with out breaking a sweat?

Investigate and mix and match, that’s the key.

Many of the fall trends this year have mostly the ‘70s vibe to it – from pants to evening gown. The dresses and skirts are going to be or modest, so they will go mid-length with long flow blouse sleeves. Colors of this fall are not going to be the same or boring darker colors, think more about bright colors, reds and blues, quarry, honeysuckle, bamboo, orchid, and mustard gold.

Caution: mustard hue does not look good on everyone. Patterns for the fall are polka dot, camo, plaid, animal prints, nautical, lace, and Navajo prints. Choker necklaces and bold handbags are definitely a factor.

Future references for winter, for coats try to go with a pink or a color other than the camel color of last year (for girls, guys it’s camel this year). Since we know the basics so far, let’s put together an outfit that makes us sweat free. One outfit you could do is to go with is black shorts with a white top and maybe with some booties or flats, which ever you prefer. This outfit points out the classic colors of fall.

Another outfit would be blue jeans and, maybe, a flowy cheetah top with a weaved belt. Wear your hair down with some voluminous curls and a simply necklace and you will have outfit No. 2. Incorporating fall fashion into the “summer” time of fall in Kingsville is not really hard. All you have to do is mix and match textures or patterns, and different seasonal clothes that are not thick, but still give the feel of fall is here.

Gerald Flores a Criminology and Sociology major says, “I don’t really follow trends.” If you don’t follow trends it’s no big deal. Make your own trend in Kingsville.

Flores didn’t know that his shoes were sporting the nautical theme, but it’s cool.

So students of AMK don’t be scared to mix and match be yourself and unique; who knows you might start a trend yourselves.

By: Emily Ruiz