Redbox, Secret Shopper resolutions proposed at SGA meeting

Redbox, Secret Shopper resolutions proposed at SGA meeting

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By Alejandra Garza

The Student Government Association introduced several bills at their last meetings, Wednesday September 27, 2011.

Among them was a proposal to bring Redbox, a DVD and game rental kiosk, to campus, and to reactivate the “secret shoppers”, students who are sent in to evaluate various departments on campus anonymously.

SGA stated in the resolution for the secret shopper bill that due to numerous complaints being made by the students about the quality of service rendered at campus departments, they would like to reestablish the program that was previously run by the Vice President of Student Affairs Office.

“There’s a lot of complaints about certain departments that come up,” Senior senator Victor Carrasco said. “But there’s no hard evidence on it, this [program] will give hard evidence.”

SGA intends to send students who have a problem to certain departments and have them evaluate the service they received.

“Secret shoppers will be trained and will be constantly changing,” College of Engineering senator John Evers said.

Another resolution that was introduced to the senate was “Redbox on Campus”.

College of Engineering senator Paul James stated in his bill “having a Redbox on campus at a convenient location had the potential to keep students around campus more often . . . “

“There would be a survey conducted see where on campus so we could find out where we would want to put this [Redbox],” James said.

As of now, James does not know if they will have a contract with Redbox or buy the kiosk itself and stock DVDs themselves.

Evers said they discussed getting Aramark involved to sponsor the Redbox.

“Aramark has a contract with Redbox at the University of Texas- San Antonio (UTSA),” Evers said. “We are going to see if that avenue is possible.”

The bills will be voted on at Wednesday’s meeting.

SGA appointed Ross Chavez as treasurer at the September 21 meeting.

Chavez was treasurer in the Fall of 2010 but had to resign due to being involved in the Study Abroad program.