“Bethlehem” a solid performance

“Bethlehem” a solid performance

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Thursday night’s performance of Octavio Solis’s “Bethlehem” ended with a standing ovation as the actors showed their hard work and their skills.

Michael Mendez and Marcus Raye Perez brought out their characters personalities.

Mendez, who played Lee Rosenblum, expressed his family struggles to Mateo Buenaventura, played by Perez, thinking they were talking about Buenaventura’s life and the incident that landed him in jail.

Leah Lizzett Luna, who played Mrs. Buenaventura, showed a true Hispanic mother’s spirit.

Stephanie Laverne Wright, playing Mrs. Dewey, portrayed a loving but grieving mother.

Megan Saenz was Dru, Lee Rosenblum girlfriend, who struggled with her love for Lee and then with the scariness of Mateo.

Michelle Flores, who played Shannon Trimble and Sonia, did great at being a phantom which was an essential at telling the stories of Mateo and Lee.

Michael Mendez (Left) Marcus Perez (right) star in "Bethlehem"

Before the show started and people were sitting there was music playing which was to get the people intrigued however,shows fine actin it was too hardcore.

The music that played towards the end of the show  on the other hand was essential to how the actors and the audience reacted.

No one seemed to mind a cold thetre but as Mateo and Lee danced around their family secrets it was all irrelevant.

Their tone of voice showed their mood, frustration and it created more suspense.

The creepy lady, Mrs. Dewey, outside Mateo’s house helped with the anger that everyone felt and gave Dru the support needed to be scared of Mateo. Mrs. Dewey and Mateo gave a chilling performance when Clarissa (Daughter of Mrs. Dewey and owner of Mateo’s heart) voice came from Mateo.

Mateo’s anger towards women showed when he strangles Dru. Dru is scared and tells Lee that they need to leave.

Mateo rubs off on Lee which is apparent when Lee strangles Dru.

Dru stayed lying on the bed which she appeared not to move a muscle and the audience could not tell whether see was breathing.

Sonia gave insight to Lee’s secret and Shannon Trimble told Mateo’s secret.

The show still has more performances if one has not seen it. The actors put their all into these performances and will soon be on the road.

The show leaves the audience wondering what’s next in the character’s lives. The ending is not something that one expects and even though the action is off scene the imagination tells two things: one how society thinks and two how good the actor’s were at portraying the evil in the story.

By Melissa Trevino

Mark Molina
Staff Writer