These creepy creepers are creeping me out

These creepy creepers are creeping me out

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Ok, I don’t know about the other la- dies here on campus, but I have been having a few issues with men lately. Being single, I have come across inter- ested fellows that have turned out to be quite creepy instead of chivalrous.

I don’t mean a guy in a trench coat is following me everywhere I go, or watching me sleep from my bedroom window (I really hope that no one is doing that). I’m talking about the mod- ern-day creeper- the guy who obtains your number and constantly texts you or messages you on Facebook (even though you never reply), finds out your usual go-to bars and waits for you there and even knows

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when you go to the gym. Oh, and not to mention bi- polar chats of, “How was your day?” to “LOVE ME, MARRY ME!” when

in fact, you have not really spoken to Creeper in weeks. Yeah, ladies know what kind of guy I am talking about, and if not, well then, crap. I must have been born with some kind of mutated pheromone that I extract when I sneeze or sweat.

Now, while I am very disturbed by this behavior, I somewhat understand

that it is halfway girls’ fault for these actions. First of all, if Ryan Gosling somehow knew that I existed and exhibited all of the aforementioned be- haviors to me, I would accept without questioning him. But if a guy friend were to do that, or worse, a guy I hardly knew from a class. Please don’t. Sec- ondly, guys are hard-wired in their genes to compete, and by ignor- ing this behavior or barely responding to it, Creeper inadvertently thinks that I am proposing a love game between him and I.

No, I am not playing hard-to-get; I’m telling you without words that I am not interested in you.

Gentleman of TAMUK, do not be this kind of guy. Girls do not think that you “got game” or “swag”, and you are not Barney Stinson with a challenge to ac- cept. I am going to tell you here and now, that your “challenge” is denied. I will take being “forever alone” to hav- ing to settle for a guy that is terribly clingy and a tad obsessed.

Unless I am a girl that just literally drives guys crazy.

Amber Aldaco
Entertainment Editor


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