Atheists, Stop Whining About Holidays

Atheists, Stop Whining About Holidays

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I’m curious: Can’t a holiday just be about a bunny giving away colored eggs and chocolate, not a millennia long grudge match between paganism and christianity?

Atheists tend to get unbelievably smug and all-knowing around the holidays. It’s not our normal state of being, honest. Some of us just love to point out that this holiday actually originated from that ancient celebration, or that day was actually honoring this particular deity.

Listen, it’s boring, you’re boring, and bringing it up in a conversation serves no other purpose than making yourself seem self-important and conceited.

Yes, Easter was originally the festival of Ostara, Christmas was Saturnalia, and Valentine’s Day was based on Lupercalia, but our modern day celebrations have almost nothing to do with those holidays anymore!

Do you know what people used to do during Lupercalia/Valentines? They’d sacrifice a goat, skin it, wear it, then run around hitting each other with whips; an act that supposedly promoted ‘love and fertility.’

I think I’ll stick with the cards and chocolate, thanks.

But it’s not really up to me, you, or anyone else. If people want to whip each other to show their love, that’s cool, until they say the safe word. If they wanna sing their praises to a jolly, fat (likely diabetic) home invader who brings them presents in exchange for cookies, that’s grand!

And if people want to spend Easter in solemn remembrance of how their Lord and saviour sacrificed himself for their sins, yet rose again, that’s just fine too.

There are plenty of things religious people do that are discriminatory, hurtful and cruel, but celebrating Easter isn’t one of them. If it really bothers you that much, then maybe you need to do a little growing up.

Besides, let’s think about who you’re messing with here: Jesus was dead for three days, then rose again, and instructed his followers to dine on his flesh and and blood.

Dude, Christians worship a zombie! That’s pretty hardcore.


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